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  1. Economic L/R -2.50 Lib/auth -3.64 I'm right up there with Ghandi!
  2. Iapetus999

    hey fatty

    As a formerly obese person (now just 1 BMI point into the "overweight" section) let me tell you it just creeps up on you. One day I'm going about my business and the next day I'm topping 270. Let me tell you it's not easy giving up chips & candy & fast food. Anyways I lost over 70 lbs and my thingy doesn't seem much bigger.
  3. So are ya cleaning what you shoot or just leaving the snaffle carcasses out to rot in the sun? What's today's tally been?
  4. Do a search and replace image -> img 3 snaffles with 4 shots?? I'm impressed
  5. Kewl, I was probably up there the same time as you (climbed up Fri, down Sat) It was an awesome weekend.
  6. The sad thing is that some extremist Palestinians will see this as a victory for Terrorism instead of the Peace Process. So it may just encourage more terrorism...but there doesn't seem to be any alternatives that would decrease terrorism (aside from annihilating the Palestinians which still probably wouldn't work)
  7. What's your gear tab been the last 12 months? I'm sure most of the $ goes towards Insurance. Yeah for $800 you'd think they'd throw in some hookers but whadeva
  8. Maybe I'm climbing with the wrong people.
  9. So this whole thing cost around $800. So if I tip like at a restaurant that's around....carry the one....$0.75??
  10. What if he is a she? Is that a bonus or a deduction?
  11. OK suppose he puts out, we summit, then he signs my bottle. Then how much?
  12. How much should I tip my RMI guide on my summit climb this week? Or another way of saying it: How grateful should I be to my guide for helping to haul my sorry ass up the side of a big-ass mountain?
  13. Iapetus999


    Googlebot's being mean to me!!
  14. Iapetus999


    You want our subculture? You can't handle our subculture!
  15. That looks pretty kewl. Wish I'd known about it sooner, I might have been tempted.
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