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  1. One day of skiing near Seattle?

    You might click over to Turns All Year for some current beta on Crystal. There is a trip report or five from the Crystal BC pretty much every weekend.
  2. One day of skiing near Seattle?

    I would probably recommend Crystal . There is some great backcountry available, but plenty of good in bounds as well. Most of the same can be said for Alpental , but it is just smaller. It is closer to Seattle, and they should be open soon.
  3. Used New Gear

  4. Shameless tele porn promotion - Portland

    It is at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont on Saturday night at 8pm for the folks from the north.
  5. ski boots suck

    I have been using a pair of Adrenalins for the last year and while they are not light I thought they toured just fine. Open the top buckles and power strap and the stiffness is not a problem. They can really drive the ski on the descent though they are a bit heavy. I guess you pay for what you get. I believe I saw them called the Endorphin for this season.
  6. advise on AT skis

    I don't know if they will do it again this year, but Marmot Mountain Works usually does a demo day. Last year it was in January. It was a great way for me to get on a range of equipment. After that I was able to buy new with confidence. If you can wait it might be a good chance for you to try the gear on your short list.
  7. Direct Beckey

    This page doesn't have hard dates, but it is probably the best information available publicly. This is the company making the film.
  8. TeleRoss cranks the steeps.

    Humiliation was probably too strong of a word. Perhaps your tollerance for having a great face plant annimation posted has at least a little to do with this, this, this or ...
  9. TeleRoss cranks the steeps.

    That is awesome. Clearly the best use of the gimp is humiliation.
  10. Double/Half Rope as Single on glaciers

    I have rapped an 8.5 with an old trango pyramid. I was careful, but it seemed fine. I haven't used a reverso, but I know Petzl gives specific rope diameters for their use.
  11. Shoulder problem survey

    I have this happen too. My doc said it was from the ulner nerve moving from its proper position to the inside of my elbow. The feeling comes back as soon as I straighten my arms. My shoulder problem mean that I have to sleep on my back, so when I wake up my arms are often bent and asleep. My shoulder problem was helped greatly by surgery to remove hundreds of little bits of cartilage. I think that years of their presence did some damage to the labrum or something because while they are gone the pain is not 100 percent gone. I have found the rubber band exercises are the most helpful. There is virtually no motion involved, so nothing to irritate whatever it is that gets irritated when I use my arm over my head.
  12. Rope Advice?

    Fox and Fern have used theirs much more than I have. I have only had it for a year and I think it has only seen snow and ice. No big falls, but a couple of small ones. Seems to be in new condition. I think that I am going to be trying it doubled for a bit of rock this weekend, but that will be the first time it has seen any summer use.
  13. For Mariner fans (like me)

    I have noticed the brazen fans more this year and I think it has a lot to do with fewer Mariners fans at the games. The fans of out of town teams will come out in similar numbers regardless of the quality of the M's, but the number of Mariners fans at the games is going down. When we start winning more there will be enough fans to make the out of town team fans think twice about how much shit they want to take for painting their chest blue and rooting for a loosing team.
  14. Rope Advice?

    I have that rope and I like it.
  15. How to post my avatar?

    What is the file format and size in pixels and kb? I had trouble with a .jpeg, but the same image in .png format worked just fine.
  16. [TR] Adams- Adams Glacier 6/18/2006

    It is not a climbing report, but it does have information on access and a photo of the route. TAY
  17. cloud ceiling forecast/signs

    This Radiosonde graph will tell you what the clouds are doing over Quillayute. There was a good thread on radiosonde graphs awhile back. You might try to find that. Basically, if the lines are very close together it is cloudy and when they are further apart it is clear. The elevation is in millibars, so you will need to find a way to convert that to feet based on the current sea level barometric pressure.
  18. Not probably a location frequented by climbers, but my wife lost her Native tortoise shell sunglasses on the Boulder River trail near Darrington on Sunday the 2nd of April. They were in a black fabric sack. Thanks, Robert
  19. Boot driers on Thermoflexible liners?

    You might try this. It plugs into the wall, but it doesn't have a heater. It just uses air circulation. Pop the liners out and put them on this and they should dry overnight.
  20. FOUND: your shitty weather

    You sound like an engineer we used on a project a few years back. Haven't hired him again. What do you mean we need to have some wall area on that side? You are the engineer. Engineer me a moment frame and have it done by Monday. No send for you!!!
  21. Mount St. Helens

    Maybe, but everyone that I have talked to about it in person has said they are not interested in getting blown up. Personally, I think that would be sweet, but that is just me.
  22. Mount St. Helens

    I agree. That said, I don't think that getting a permit will be as hard as it was before Sept 2004. I would really like to have a look at the new domes that have formed. Hopefully, it will be open soon.
  23. Paradise to Muir, March 12th

    In good conditions the chute would be awesome. Corn or powder would make for an epic day I think. I want to go back later in the spring to catch it in the right conditions.
  24. Paradise to Muir, March 12th

    As one of the other skiers in the chute when your friend asked about the quality I can say that you made the right choice in skiping it. It was worth it to say that I had done it, but I think that there were about 10 decent turns in 4400 vertical feet of skiing and they were at the bottom when we were too worked to enjoy them.
  25. Dividend Time Again!

    With no annual fee and not paying any interest it is free gear for me. Somebody pays for it, but not me.