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  1. Squamish, Apr. 18-19

    we were the second group up diedre "bright and early" on saturday. didn't lose any biners on the way down, but lost a reverso with a biner on the approach. anybody find that? it was borrowed gear, so'd be great if i could return it ... btw, despite the slippery slopes diedre was a ton of fun!!!
  2. unroped on a glacier?

    I chose to travel over the "last part" of a glacier on my way down from Baker once. It wasn't really justifiable from a safety standpoint as you put it; I just didn't want to be roped up anymore. Two of us opted out of being roped up; two of us didn't. I don't think the risk was all that reasonable, but then again there are many of us who do risky things every day ... driving without a seatbelt on, having a few too many drinks, etc.
  3. mt. hood

    If I was going to climb Hood I wouldn't even think to bring snowshoes. Crampons are a must, though. I did see some guy summit in his "tennis shoes" but he also wasn't roped up, and I frankly don't think he was all that bright.
  4. Telemark-Pyrenees

    www.telemark-pyrenees.com This is a French website carrying mountaineering gear. The selection is not as expansive as that carried by Barrabes, but the prices are 9-times-out-of-10 better. If you get a few things or pool orders with one or two buddies, even with the hefty DHL shipping you'll come out on top of ... say ... REI.
  5. Tick list!

    You guys are freakin' me out! I've heard about ticks falling off trees and hitchin' rides out of the brush ... but climbing out of cracks on walls??? That's not a very encouraging thought to a new climber who now has one more thing to worry about when she sticks her fingers in a hole somewhere!