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  1. $125. This jacket has never been worn and is in perfect condition, comes with stuff sack.
  2. Say I'm building an anchor and want to shorten a sewn runner. One way to do this would be to tie an overhand knot in the runner and clip into the shortend sling above the knot so that a pull would pull on the knot. I am concerned that with skinny spectra/dyneema/dynex materials the knot could pull through or the strength of the material could be significantly reduced at the knot. Is this considered safe practice or is there a better (stronger/ faster) way to shorten a runner? thanks
  3. Looking for partners for Exit 38 and other areas. I lead 5.7 but want to get comfortable leading 5.8s. Have rope and rack. Would like to get out more regularly for the remainder of the summer, weekends or after work. Live in Seattle. Cheers, Eric
  4. I'm interested in climbing at E32 or 38. I lead up to 5.8 and can follow a little bit harder. I'm available tomorrow (saturday 7/11). Eric 206-604-3897 or pm
  5. dog

    Kids rock!

    I have a 10 year old daughter (10 this week) who likes to get out with me. We are up for marymoor or E38, most likely on weekends. I only climb up to about 5.8 though. Eric
  6. 11/17/08 195 lbs 6' 1/10/09 180 lbs goal 170 lbs My goal is to be an old, crappy climber this year as opposed to being old, fat, and crappy
  7. I'll be staying in Grand Teton Park Aug 17 to 21 and would like to climb the Owen-spalding route on the 19th or 20th. I'd like to do it in 2 days but could probably be talked into doing it in 1 loooong day. Moderate pace (not slow), easy going. Contact Eric @ 206-604-3897. Leave message if I don't pick up.
  8. Looking for partner to do the OS route on about the 20th of Aug. Plan to camp up high first evening, complete route next day (as opposed to one long day).
  9. "I'm sure Ed could have climbed all 14 sooner, when it was news worthy, but he chose to do it in good style. The best style. Hats off to you Ed!" Awesome accomplishment, no doubt. I have nothing but respect for Ed. But for the sake of arguement, on the Annapurna trip Ed did fly in to base camp in a helicopter and then follow the route and fixed lines set by the Italians. Do other accomplished climbers consider this to be "good style"? I don't mean to critize but am curious about what constitutes good syle.
  10. Yes, that is a problem. Even worse is when you are staring up at the sky and your mouth fills up with water. I've nearly drowned.
  11. I know I'll get hammered for this but why is it that REI is so often characterized as an evil corporation by the same people who return broken and worn out stuff for new stuff. REI is a business trying to make a profit. I believe that REI is regarded as a good company in terms of supporting the environment, etc. If anyone is wrong isn't it the people who abuse the generous return policy?
  12. I climbed Daniel a couple of weeks ago via the Lynch glacier and it was very straight forward, very few open crevasses, no problemo. Bring lots of bug juice for the mosquitoes on the approach.
  13. If the Seattle Mariners would have tweaked their lineup just a little bit this year they would have won the world series. Why couldn't the coaches just see it. Its so obvious. At least they should have logged onto this site after the game to find out what they did wrong.
  14. I just read that the Park Service is proposing to raise the climbing fee at Rainier from $15 to $30. For more on this go to http://www.nps.gov/mora/climb/costrecovery.htm
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    quote: Originally posted by philfort: quote:Originally posted by RobBob:
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