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    Found the source of the Skinner quote. Alpinist #20, referencing a Skinner quote somewhere deep in the sedimentary layers of the Climbing back catalog... http://www.alpinist.com/doc/ALP20/features-squat-takeda "We drove off in a huff. A few days later I read a Todd Skinner quotation in an old issue of Climbing: Vedauwoo's offwidths "filter out the weak, the soft and the spineless." I'd been filtered."
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    Ha! Very kind offer. Your reputation proceeds you courtesy of @Bronco, so I'd need at least a year of living in a re-creation of an 80's-action-movie training-montage before I could hang, but at this point I'd gladly play the role of Randy-from-Christmas-Story@2:04 if I could tag along...
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    Awesome! This reminds me that I should try adding bad jokes into my repertoire instead of relying solely on tangled ropes.
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    This is true for this route and for the traverse. If not easier exactly... definitely funner!
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    Thanks for writing this Sean! It's an honor to be apart of the first full N-Index winter trip report. This route is so much bigger than I could have imagined. In it's current condition there is a direct ice line that bypasses the N-rib mixed climbing and goes straight up some sweet looking alpine ice. I wish we would have taken this, as it would have shaved probably an hour or more off of our climb. I would probably give the route in these conditions AI3- M5. Strava Track HERE And the only decent photos I got from my camera. Racking up at the base The belay below the N-rib Sean leading across the gendarmes