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  1. Donate/Reuse/Recycle Ropes/Slings in PDX?

    Ropes don't degrade with age. See this article from BD... http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en/experience-story?cid=qc-lab-old-vs-new-gear-testing
  2. [TR] Chair Peak - North Face 03/03/2018

    Alisse, we repelled off the red 'biner the silver one is a locking 'biner and is my personal anchor to attach me to the anchor while I set up the next repel. Great question!
  3. .recorded-1520112370.mp4Trip: Chair Peak - North Face Trip Date: 03/03/2018 Trip Report: Had a great trip to the North Face of Chair Peak on Saturday, March 3rd. Brilliant sun and warm weather kept us off our planned climb of the NE Buttress but we found conditions of the North Face to be fantastic. We did not summit due to fear of running out of daylight after skiing some powder laps before getting the courage to venture up the North Face route and having 1 headlight for us two. Both majors errors that, if avoided, may have led to a summit. Next time! There were two other parties on the route ahead of us and I believe 1 of them summited then descended the route. There was a large cornice over the typical rappel station and deep snow (travel back to gear/skis not taken on route) would both prove troublesome if one attempted the typical descent. Fun was had by all. Gear Notes: Pickets, small rock rack, 4 screws, 70m single and 50m tag line. Approach Notes: Skis