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  1. soloing vs free soloing

    Its definitely higher on known ground than onsight, the Eye felt like a hike while the west ridge of Constance felt like free soloing.
  2. recent inversion pics

    I can't be the only one who took some last week
  3. Stuart North Ridge: snow on route for water?

    haven't but id bet money on it
  4. Outer Space altered on SCW

    I respect the ratings more at Castle Rock as a general rule as well.
  5. Outer Space altered on SCW

    If Damnation = 5.9, OS = 5.8. On a par with Ski Tracks or The Bone. Definitely easier than Rogers Corner. What I surmised to be the broken flake is clearly visible in the above picture, it just starts a little further away from the corner now.
  6. Outer Space altered on SCW

    No need to worry, P3 is still Leavenworth 5.9. It appears that about a foot of the flake in question snapped off, not really a big deal. When the other 90% of that flake goes there may be an issue, although that does not seem imminent.
  7. Not hard to take fantastic pictures there! Great list of climbs!
  8. merry holidays buy a fucking book

    So you decided not to create an avatar and make up a wonderful story about how your book elevated your game to sponsored level? Slacker!
  9. Lowering off sport anchors

    These things are awesome, bootywise. Not to be stealing them but letting people too stupid/lazy/whatever get used to finding them, then when they hit a set of chains they'll just put a couple draws up and bail, forgetting them or not knowing how to thread or ?? More project draws abandoned for the taking!
  10. Best shoe selection western wa

    Redpoint in Terrebonne, its prime time for Smith now!
  11. Washington in October--suggestions?

    Mt Stuart from the ne end of Stuart lake, the west ridge is pretty much the skyline up from the pass and the hills above the lake are the precursor to the north ridge
  12. Mt Washington Rt 2

    Someone has done a lot of trail maintenance on this route and it is a very good alternative to route 1, the middle third of which is really loose right now. It also serves as the first 3/4 of the approach to the SE Ridge before going down,over and back up to join route 1 below the shield wall. So many thanks to whomever has taken on this timely project.
  13. The 50 best climbs at Index

    Swim oughta be on the list, its easy enough to skip the first pitch.
  14. Glad you had a good time up there, I really liked that route. And good job on cleaning up that 2nd rappel, it was quite a mess. I was very glad to have brought climbing shoes and I found the rock quality to be a fair bit better than average for the Olympics. It was very cool how everything kept going easier than it looked like it would. Looking back down the ridge.