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  1. Oldest summit register

    Sadly...ASA Peak was removed by somebody. The person never submitted this valuable peace of History into the University of Washington archives either.
  2. that is good info. thanks!
  3. Seriously some great photos. Great framing. Great storytelling with those photos.
  4. Alpine, ice climbing pack

    I know this sounds odd, but I really like the framing and how the light Osprey packs work. That being said, I do not like their setup for how the pack is...I just like the framing... If only I could get a marriage between Cilo and Osprey... maybe ask to buy an Osprey framing system...then send it to Cilo to custom make the pack part of it....
  5. sleep is for losers. You my friend, are NOT a loser.
  6. That is pretty darned cool. I knew a couple of people who did the Tatoosh traverse over 30 years ago in a day. There were no websites back then.
  7. 20 hours roundtrip? No sleep? No bivy? If so, way to go!
  8. [TR] Gunn Peak - Barclay Creek route 7/15/2017

    Perseverance. Great show for coming back 10 years later. Yeah, that slide alder can me mentally taxing. Tell her there are worse things, such as chest high salal, and a grove of pacific yew on a mountainside.
  9. looks great with the weather. funny subtle picture!
  10. You guys definitely took the most advantage of the long days. I am impressed.
  11. Bellingham probably feels like a desert compared to Juneau. Glad you had a great time!
  12. Fatality on Goat Wall...?

    you should update that thread, old boy - a story w/ a post-script is to be savored....how u doin? I am still climbing! Although not at this exact time...had and ACL reconstruction 3 weeks ago due to a skiing mishap....luckily no rappelling incidents...however, every time I rappel, there is a very short thought that goes through mind about what happened many a year ago.
  13. Fatality on Goat Wall...?

    Here is my rappelling accident: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/48076/Mount_Temple_Accident_Incident#Post48076
  14. interested. still available? pictures: stefanefeller@hotmail.com
  15. Raining in the Cascades for winter--that will put hair on your balls. Good to keep at it!