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Bears and your food around Glacier Peak


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Personally I try not to leave food in my pack or tent, but not because of bears...because of snafflehounds who might chew through stuff to get at the food.


I'll second that. I remember when a buddy of mine left food in his pack and some little rodent chewed a tunnel to it, ate a bit, and tunneled out the other side.


I think that, short of areas with strict regulation, no matter what advice a backcountry user reads they will just go to as much trouble as they're willing to go until they learn from personal experience that it's not enough. So just do that?

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Excellent. My only comment is you should remove everything above, create a new trip report, and paste it all in there. Then you'll have your own TR and record of your trip wo all the bear discussion bs preamble.


Sounded like an excellent adventure, by the way. Wilderness is a treasure that captures the imagination and punishes your body. If you enjoyed this consider heading out to the Pickets sometime. Even if you don't climb anything you'll have an adventure.


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