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[TR] Little Si - Lost Horizons (5.14b) 7/25/2014


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Trip: Little Si - Lost Horizons (5.14b)


Date: 7/25/2014


Trip Report:

Overdue and not an alpine climb, but wanted to share a video and some photos I made of Audrey Sniezek's send of Lost Horizons out at Little Si for anyone interested. The project started out this summer with me teaching myself to rig photography/video setups for steeper climbing, then sort of morphed into telling this story.









There are a couple other super short edits on Instagram as well.


Approach Notes:

30 min approach to World Wall I, rare but mountain goats do roam around here.

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Great job on the video. You had good angles. Drone? Maybe drone whilst she was climbing? I liked the story focus on work/climbing challenges. It adds emotion. Angles of her working--very well done. It would have been funny if one of those snippets would have been her cleaning the chalk at the water cooler...or dusting the chalk off the keyboard. Very well done.

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Thanks all.

Matt yes a decent chunk of work involved.

Stefan not while climbing, that was me with a DSLR posting high on the route. Not sure I'd feel comfortable with the drone above her, plus it's a super tight space there at World Wall I. Good comedic suggestions, maybe for the sequel.

glassgowkiss - thanks for your take.

Thanks everyone who checked it out, will pass along the kudos to Audrey.

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Nice artistic video. Nice shots, editing, nice drone footage, but there's only about 5 moves of the actual climb and they are not all together. So it's sort of a trailer for a video of this hard woman sending a 5.14.


I guess it's just her story of how she went about it and not the actual climb itself, which is what the thread title led to believe.

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