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Mixed at Mt. Baker?


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I'm wondering if anyone has any info on some mixed lines that are supposed to be on Baker near Pan Dome. I could swear I've seen them in the Washington Ice book, but that was just online through google books.


If I remember correctly, they should be just right of Pan Dome? Any info is greatly appreciated!

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The lower elevation option is a scratchy area that is known as the Shuksan Crag. Park at the small pullout on the left at the Hannegan Road turn off before Hwy 542 climbs to the ski area. Walk down the road and it's on the left.


It was originally a rock crag but never caught on since it's so mossy.

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Cool. I wasn't sure about letting that cat out of the bag.


Seems like the best use of dry tool crags around here is to get some fitness for regular ice climbing on our once a year banff trips. Actual ice is not needed on the mixed lines but rather a shorter drive and approach.



I would think that with this in mind, a good mixed climbing area would be on some scruffy road cut or quarry somewhat close to home. It is surprisingly hard to find such thing that is 30ft or so high without a huge amount of traffic underneath.

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