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Peak Identification


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Hi, I'm an amateur nature photographer new to the area and trying to learn the landscape around here. I recently took a photo from the flood plain near Snohomish, looking ESE, and am trying to identify the front-range Cascade peaks in a particular photo. Would anyone be kind enough to lend some expertise? I have looked at the panoramas elsewhere on this site and am having trouble picking out what I am looking at. I actually bought a copy of the old Climber's Guide to the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington hoping it would help, but now I come looking for expert advice. I'm a Midwestern lad, our "mountains" have quotation marks around them.



cascades by Archimedes the Dog, on Flickr


I think that is Index in the center, peeking out from behind, what, Persis? What's on the left? Gunn?

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While there is a Townsend in the Cascades, and it is in the area of the photo, I'm going to go with Mr. Dog on this one, Eagle Rock. From the vantage the photo was taken, Townsend is likely hidden by Merchant, and Eagle Rock lines up nicely from the flats behind Barclay Lake and right between Merchant and Baring.


You nailed the others though Tyson.

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Think again friend.

There may be a Townsend in the Olympics but there IS a Townsend Mountain above Eagle Lake.

I promise.


Here ya go


I'll be danged! My apologies. I triple-checked google earth and my books and found nothing. Funny that there are repeat peak names.


Thanks much for the confirmations. I was having a devil of a time deciding if I was looking at the right spot. It's kind of odd how inconsistent the info is. A visual identification guide to the Cascades might be a fun project to keep me occupied for, you know, years.

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most left peak is the high point of jump off ridge, aka, Gunn shy. Gunn is just right of that. the rest, I think is correct.


You might get good info from nwhikers.net I now a few other of them highpoints have unofficial names like gunn slinger, and tail gunner. just not sure which is which.


edit so say I agree with that being eagle rock, and not townsend.



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