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  1. Cascade high routes

    Was it the picket traverse? Couple guys did that in trail shoes a few years ago. It's in the NW mountain journal inbox.
  2. I don't want to pay for your climbing trip

    feathered friends is among one of my biggest supporters. I got a free ball cap about 3 years ago... didn't know I was among the elite.
  3. To make it a little more of a challenge, I liked the far west variation of the north face of shuksan, eric wherley &? Adds some spice, and you probably should use protection.. Hasn't been skied?
  4. P.s.s. The north line you skiied is called hidden couloir.
  5. Nice one kurt! I've done that route dozens of times.. guess it's my arrowhead, which i have yet to climb. Maybe we can trade for a while? I prefer going in and out the east side of nason from the east road. Takes out the water crossing, and is easier to exit on skis without reskinning or booting. Go to end of road, and up and right of last house respecting private property, then drop to the creek and handrail it til you get to the clearings... low is the way to go. P.s. the last photo you posted. The face above you(west face of south peak), slid pretty big a week prior to your trip. Curious if the carnage was evident? There where some pretty big trees getting broke off.
  6. Peak Identification

    most left peak is the high point of jump off ridge, aka, Gunn shy. Gunn is just right of that. the rest, I think is correct. You might get good info from nwhikers.net I now a few other of them highpoints have unofficial names like gunn slinger, and tail gunner. just not sure which is which. edit so say I agree with that being eagle rock, and not townsend.
  7. Pers-Index Traverse 7/20-7/21

    Pm sent.
  8. bottum 5 of 2012

    a good sheep fucking would have made my top five.
  9. bottum 5 of 2012

    Bummer. Blue balls suck. I took care of it. sure that aint where the carpel tunnel came from? i feel you though. i almost had a serious break down when I lost my job because I couldn't hang onto my tools anymore. funny Ivan. I can at least say john would make my bottum ten if we went that far. I took spring clothes to snow show and hudled between some rocks to die of hypothermia on berge while john continued on. like it's friggen everest summit fever or something. I imagined how I would become a iconic landmark like blue boots, but john came back and we went skiing.
  10. bottum 5 of 2012

    it's not all smoked salmon and virgins. 1. too ealry season of an attempt at snowboarding mt logan.. 3 cold wet night, frozen shoes, and epic bushwhacking our way to know where.. with kyle miller 2. kicking off and getting caught in, if only for a second, an avalanche. my first, but not cool at all. fucking embarassing. 3. deep snow free soloing at heather ridge. landed on my back, made a bomb hole, then almost died choking on cold smoke as the hole refilled itself. it's all fun and games til you dig up your blue friend. 4. losing to many good aquaintances. 5. not having john plotz in my top 5... last year was as bad as it was good. if not worse. stay safe, stay thirsty my friends.
  11. colchuck lake area conditions 12/24

    TC's looked the same yesterday as in john's pics. Stuarts north side was sporting a mean wind slab on sugar. One foot on two in places going up the sherpa. Awesome schralping. Thanks kevino and john. The skin track we put in the mtnrs past the junction is flawless. Trick is to hug the bottum of colchuck as soon as you get through the first meadow. 0 up and downs and talus to contend with.
  12. [TR] Foreskin - 5/20/2011

    anyone wearing a go pro? I wouldn't mind seeing some clips of foreskin. sorry, couldn't help myself.
  13. [TR] Mt. Cashmere - NW Face 12/30/2012

    and the worst of us........20 miles and 3g for me yesterday. never took the skins off. character building? Man, that looks great Pete. way to score guys.
  14. 2012 Top 5

    I wasn't going to post since I'm not really a climber, but since I am perusing your lists for good ideas. In the name of fair sharing. 1. far west? climb/north face shuksan. Scott Wicklund E svege. watching speed flyers on the hanging glacier 2. Kyes peak counter clockwise circumanav. KMC and Goblin couloirs with Ben Starkey. some how made Lowells inbox. 3. South side walk up/north face Maude with E Svege. 2nd time for me, 3rd for Erik. 4. Surprise lake and snow fort fun... over 2 dozen days in that area last year. too much to list. 5. Pickets traverse south to north. Fury se face and challenger north decents. Seth Holton, Frankie CD, and Kyle Miller. edit to add that these where all snowboard trips.
  15. Castle Rock: Project Complete

    Sick work man!!! Better put some of those lbs back on. It's getting cold out!