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Never lived in either but spent some time in Yakima during my college days back in the 80's and it was nothing to get excited about, haven't done anything there since but drive through on the way someplace else.

I really liked climbing at Tieton but as mentioned before the climbing around Leavenworth (hence Wenatchee) is on better rock.

I go to Wenatchee 2-3 times a year to snowboard at Mission Ridge. It's my favorite ski area in the state, less crowds, nice local vibe and they have a high-speed quad. It's less than a 1/2 hour from downtown Wenatchee. Terrain is mostly moderate but there are some steep areas, especially if you don't mind hiking a little. They get a lot less snow but a few times a year they can get really dry powder. I've ridden some nice days there but sometimes you talk to the locals and they'll tell you about the time when the temps dropped into into the low teens for a few days and Thursday morning (they close on Tue & Wed) there would be a foot of dry powder and only a few hundered locals on the hill. One of these day I hope to time it right but it's a long drive from Seattle.

The town itself isn't too much to get excited about but there are plenty of outdoor activites.

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Get ready! Everybody loves to dis Peshastin, but it's actually ok.


Suck up yer' **ts, scope things out carefully, get a double set of TCU's, and start with the easy routes. It's pretty quiet around there, too. Go there when you look up valley and it looks like rain.


Otherwise go to Leavenworth. 'cause other than it being a place to climb, it kind of blows.

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