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  1. Where to live

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I work online, so that really helps with the flexibility of choosing a town. Colorado has been interesting, so far. We've got several trails that are 5 minutes from my door and several more just down the road. But we live in a casino town and that just makes for a bad environment. There are a few more towns that are closer to Summit Co., but little turnover with apartments/housing. Closer would mean moving to a resort town, but that takes away from the idea of cheap rent. I've wondered about Glacier, Leavenworth and Cle Elum, based on a few things I've heard, but I'll also take a look at the map and see what the 90 corridor looks like. I spent about a year in Portland and used to kayak at Bob's Hole. Absolutely LOVE that area of the country. WA seemed like an even bigger, more wide-open version of OR, but that's just from my limited experience. I remember everyone up there being pretty chill, for the most part.
  2. Where to live

    Hello, I currently live in CO, Front Range area, not far from Loveland Pass. I'm thinking about moving to WA in a couple years and I'm looking for some suggestions on finding that small mountain town, similar to where I'm at right now. Basically, looking for something about 30 minutes to a ski resort, cheap to moderate rent, TONS of trails and access to backcountry. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, J