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2nd Edition thoughts


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So I've been spending the last two years writing the 2nd edition to "Climbing Faster, Stronger, Healthier: Beyond the Basics". After flipping through the first edition I decided that I needed to write a new book from scratch to make a better product. I completely re-wrote the second edition from a blank page and wound up with 430+ pages of unformatted (8x11 normal margins no photos) manuscript.


The scope is this: all the info that you don't get from basic how to books on all aspects of climbing, or rehashing basic info that is important but can get lost in the process. The first section deals with training, nutrition, and injury rehab/wilderness medicine. The second section deals with gear and technical stuff.


Because the scope of the book is kinda crazy huge, I may have missed something obvious. To help with this I've spent the past 6 months fact checking and reading every book I can get my hands on, website, etc... including hundreds of interlibrary loans to make sure I've covered my bases.


So my question to you all is what do you want to see, or what do you think is important. This includes all those crazy random tips and tricks (my personal favorite) you have learned from trial and error along the way.


If anyone feels they are an expert on a particular subject, I would be happy to email you a copy.


I've enjoyed the freedom of self-publishing, but if you are of know of a publisher or editor, feel free to send me your/their info.


I think you'll like the new edition, hopefully I'll get it out within a years time.



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i'd like a section on all the groovy performance enhancing drugs i can take in order to crack the 5.7+ barrier :)


tip: no need to add water to your starbucks "via" packs, just put'em strait on your tongue, eyes, up your nose, etc...

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