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[TR] Dragontail - Colchuck - Triple Couloirs - NBC 5/12/2012

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Trip: Dragontail - Colchuck - Triple Couloirs - NBC


Date: 5/12/2012


Trip Report:

My friend Nick and I cruised two spring routes this week in great condition. Pictures and words here: Beau's Blog


Gear Notes:

1 picket, 3 screws, 00 cam was handy twice on belays.


Approach Notes:

the road was closed with VERY little snow. Should blow open soon.

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one more tag for the 3C -- Kyle Flick, Bill Wicheta, and I left my house about 0100 of May 12, rode mountain bikes from the gate to the Stuart Lake Trailhead, (only 3.49 miles by Bill's cycle-computer) nipped up to Dragontail, climbed 3C, & even Old Farts like me & Wicheta were out by 0200 of May 13. Flick was much faster, but Bill and I are Old, Weak, and Lazy. Road is entirely snow free to beyond Eightmile trailhead, with one almost-gone smear of snow about one-quarter mile below Stuart trailhead. Word from Leavenworth ranger district was that the road would open when it was clear of snow to Eightmile trail. By that standard, the gate should have been open already... any day, now, I guess...


no sign of open water at Colchuck Lake -- looks about a month away unless we see some WARM...

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