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Fixe Aliens?


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We have them.


They are really nice. Everything that the old Aliens were but with the added benefit of being CE, UIAA and ISO9001.




Give us a call or order them online. If you want to see them I will be in PDX around 4/21 and would be happy to bring some down to you too.

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I've read that totem basics are only slightly different. Why would you buy fixe at a higher price? I understand totem is limited in sizes right now. Anybody used both and can say ones better than the other? I'm assuming that may be what plaidmans goal is.

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Assuming is a dangerous endeavor. Did I indicate that I wanted to buy the Fixe Aliens? No I just want to look at them as I own the Totem Basic Cams. I am very happy with them also. Fixe is not make Hybrids but Totem Basic Cams come in Green/Yellow and Yellow/Red. And if you buy a set you can get a 10% discount.













Well there ya go.

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