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Anyone been to Slesse this year?


Is the route climbable with the heavy spring snow?


And, if you could be dropped off anywhere in the north cascades area, what would be your route of choice? Looking for something in the 5.10 to 5.11 range....

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Not sure about Slesse. The Pocket glacier is a hazard, but it might be so packed with snow that it's solid and safe now.


Since you mention Slesse, I'm assuming you want a long, free, rock route with an alpine flavor. In that vein, I'd put the Passenger on SEWS high on your list. It has a bunch of 5.10 and 5.11 pitches on clean rock in a great setting.

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I seriously doubt that Sleese is in, but there are folks that live in Canada that can see it from their backyards so maybe they'll chime in.


These are my 20 favorite alpine/alpinish rock climbs in WA state:


Thin Red Line 12+ Liberty Bell

The Tempest Wall 12+ Colchuck Balanced Rock

Let It Burn 12- Colchuck Balanced Rock

Liberty Crack/Freedom of Death 9+A2/12-

Dragons of Eden 11+/12- Dragontail Pk

West Face 11+ West Gunsight Pk

The Passenger 11+ South Early Winter Spire

Der Sportsmen 11+ Prusik Peak

West Face 11+ Colchuck Balanced Rock

Gorillas in the Mist 11- Mt. Stuart

Solid Gold 10+/11- Prusik Pk

Clean Break 10+ Juno Tower

East Face 10+ Main Gunsight Pk

SW Buttress 10+ Cathederal Peak

Megalodon Ridge 10+ Mt. Goode

Rebel Yell 10 Chianti Spire

South Face 10- Prusik Pk

Complete N. Ridge 9+ Mt. Stuart

Torment-Forbidden Traverse 9- Cascade Pass

NE Buttress 5.6 Mt. Goode

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