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Crystal to Chinook?


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So who has skied from Crystal to Chinook? How did you get back to Crystal? Anyone want to share the beta and time involved.


Snow went to shit at 10am yesterday in the sunshne so I was hestitant to jump the next ridge. Anyone want to do it next nice day with an early start?



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I would check with the WDSOT before heading into that area this time of year. They are trying to get the highway open and may be doing avalanche control. Let’s not force them to stop their work to avoid injuring anyone.


Yeah, they'll be working up there every weekday from now until the highway opens. Here's a story about their work:




and another:




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Definitely watch for spring avy control measures at this time of year.


In February (before La Nina set in) Aaron Mainer and I were able to ski from the base of 3 way peak to Chinook pass in 1 hour 15 min without putting our skins on until we hit 410. We had to boot up one small section to get out of the Morse creek drainage. The conditions were firm to say the least. We exited via 410 to Xtal mountain blvd.

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