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  1. Would Wednesday 18th work? How early of a start? I have skied at Crystal but never toured in that area however I'm very interested. I'm in SW WA. Steve
  2. I looked at several packs when I decided to buy a dedicated back-country ski pack. I found most of my touring was mainly day trips so I decided on the BCA stash BC pack. PRO: First and foremost is the fit, I have a long torso and loaded it fits me perfect. Skis can be carried either as a "A" or cross carry, both are quick to do. Two pockets, one for gear and the other for stuff plus a couple of smaller pockets inside and two on the hip-belt. Heavy duty zippers that open the pack all the way open. The hydration system is a major plus for me. I don't have anything negative to say about it. I have been using it since last fall and very happy with my purchase.
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