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  1. WTB old school Koflach boots

    I'm looking for a pair of Koflach Ultra, Vario, Vario-soft or the like. Size 11 or 11.5 Please PM
  2. WTB: Drag Bag

    Looking for a Wild Things drag bag but would consider anything similar. PM me.
  3. [TR] Liberty Ridge w/ Partial Ski Descent 4/11-14

    Did you guys cut the lock on the gate on 410 to gain access?
  4. SOLD Scarpa Phantom 8000 size 45

    SOLD This is the new Phantom Guide style... These boots have been used on one two week trip so tons of life left in them. Thermo moldable (Palau) liners. Build in gaiter, etc. email seth(dot)waterfall(at)gmail.com if interested.
  5. Tent is Sold
  6. Crystal to Chinook?

    Definitely watch for spring avy control measures at this time of year. In February (before La Nina set in) Aaron Mainer and I were able to ski from the base of 3 way peak to Chinook pass in 1 hour 15 min without putting our skins on until we hit 410. We had to boot up one small section to get out of the Morse creek drainage. The conditions were firm to say the least. We exited via 410 to Xtal mountain blvd.
  7. **SOLD**

    Girlfriend just got me a pair of Gotamas so I'm selling these. They've been skied twice. Perfect condition. Fritschi Eagle Binders. Size Medium/Large. Fits 285 - 340 boot sole. Great Pow ski Email seth(dot)waterfall(at)gmail.com
  8. Still got the Salomons. Sick Pow Ski email seth(dot)waterfall(at)gmail(dot)com if interested. 2009 Salomon rockers 192. Marker Jester Bindings. They're mounted for a boot with a 303mm sole. Ridden in pow only, one minor scratch in the base on one ski. $600 2009 K2 Coomba 181. **SOLD** 2007 Rossignol Bandit B3 184. **SOLD** 2007 Karhu BC100 179. **SOLD**
  9. ...and you lost your glacier glasses at the bottom. So I let you use a pair of mine on the condition that you return them to the RMI office in Ashford when you came down. But you didn't. You just drove right through town. So screw you pal. That's about as low as I've seen in the mountains and no way to pay back some one who helped you out, twice. You, sir, are an asshole.
  10. I got these at the beginning of last year. They're great but the 179's just ski a little too short for me. Skis, bindings and skins $500 OBO. if interested email seth(dot)waterfall(at)gmail(dot)com
  11. Mt Baker condtions?

    Jeeeeez!!! This pic is sick!
  12. FS Karhu BC 100's 179cm + Dynafit ST's + G3 skins

    Did I say $500? I meant $450.
  13. Sold Quark Ergos

    I forgot how to ice climb so I need to sell these. $150 for both No hammer inserts. I could dig some up but it'll cost you extra. email seth(dot)waterfall(at)gmail(dot)com
  14. Sold Quark Ergos

    Nope but I've still got Quarks and Aztarex's so if I ever remember how to climb I should be all good.
  15. Trip: Georgian Caucasus - New Routes Date: 5/16/2008 Trip Report: Tyler, Jason and I used our Hans Saari Grant $$$ to go to the Republic of Georgia to ski some new lines. So far we've only got this trailer video and a website under construction. I'll get some more pics up and a real TR soon. We'll be doing a few slideshows in Seattle, Bozeman and Sun Valley too. pSTToqM3Nbs Gear Notes: bring rubber boots for walking through pig shit. Approach Notes: Insanely long flights and a 16 hour 4x4 epic.
  16. I'm showing a 20 minute video and giving a slideshow on my trip to Mt. Shkhara this Saturday at Marmot Mountain Works in Bellevue. It starts at 7 PM and will run approximately one hour. This is also a fund-raiser for the Hans Saari Memorial Fund and there is a $5.00 suggested donation at the door. One more thing the Hans Fund is currently accepting grant applications for the next round of awardees so get out your little black books and think of somewhere cool to go with your buddies!
  17. Geogian Caucasus ski descents slideshow Nov. 22

    The guys at Marmot asked for an RSVP on the flyer but I don't see any big deal with you just showing up.
  18. Solid beta on Orizaba/ Serpent's Head route

    Wow thanks for clearing that up for me... so now STFU n00b! I've never heard of anyone guiding that route. So again, why wouldn't Reyes or Limon, who will outfit your trip and/or arrange for a guide have any problem giving you beta. And to my original point. Have you ever met a guide that wouldn't give you beta on a route even if they do guide it? I don't see the incentive for any one to be that dickish.
  19. Solid beta on Orizaba/ Serpent's Head route

    OK I'll bite. Why would a guide be less likely to help with beta than an outfitter?
  20. Telemark Skiers

    Drop the knee... Squat to pee
  21. [TR] Georgian Caucasus - New Routes 5/16/2008

    Yep, we were on Shkhara. Definitly room in the area for many new ski lines and climbs. The hospitality of the Svans was great and if you like bread and cheese, well that's the place to be. I'll try to get a better TR and some slideshow dates up soon.
  22. Jeez Amar, with Shucksan and this you're using up all your freebies.
  23. Chiwawa River Rd.

    www.fs.fed.us has been down for a few days now. Anyone know when the Chiwawa River Rd. typically opens?