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[TR] Tuolumne, Yosemite, Red Rock, Zion, Indian Creek - Lots 8/30/2010


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Trip: Tuolumne, Yosemite, Red Rock, Zion, Indian Creek - Lots


Date: 8/30/2010


Trip Report:

After climbing Denali in Alaska, then spending our summer in the alpine of Washington and Crags of Squamish. We spent a month traveling from California, to Nevada, to Utah. Stopping in: Yosemite, Tuolumne, Red Rock Canyon, Zion, The Grand Canyon, and Indian Creek.


In addition to the canyons, these are the routes we climbed: (#pitches, grade and *if was a standout route)


Yosemite-Tuolume Meadows

*Fairview Dome Regular Route 5.9 (12-P)

*Mathes Crest (Full Ridge from South to North walk off) 5.7

*Guide Cracks (a couple single pitch trad cracks) 5.8

Alimony Crack 5.8 (2-P)

West Country 5.7 (3-P)

South Crack (first 3 pitches) 5.8R

*Golfer’s Route 5.7R (2-P)

Holdless Horror 5.6 (4-P)

Bulldozier 5.7 (3-P)

Northwest Books 5.6 (2-P)

(On a previous trip we climbed *West Crack 5.9 and *Cathedral Peak

5.6, just wanted to add them here because they are awesome routes)

Yosemite-the valley

*Central Pillar of Frenzy (Middle Cathedral) 5.9 (5-P) (AWESOME!)

Mungenella 5.6 (3-P)

Harry Daley 5.8 (2-P)

*East Buttress of Middle Cathedral 5.9 AO (11-P) (Linked first couple

pitches with 70m rope, can link whole thing if no parties in front

with 70 m make the route about 6 p, topo on mountain project or

supertopo forum)

Royal Arches 5.7 A0 (16-P)

Church Bowl Tree 10a/b (1-P)

*Lazy Bum 10d (TR)

*Jam Crack 5.9 (2-P)

*Bishops Terrace 5.8 (2-P, did as one)


Red Rock Canyon

*Dark Shadows 5.8 (4-P)

*Group Therapy 5.7 (7-P)

Tunnel Vision 5.7+ (6-P)

*Olive Oil 5.7 (5-P) (with Jack L)

Geronimo 5.6 (4-P) (with Jack L)

*Ginger Cracks 5.9 (5-P) (AWESOME!!)

*Black Magic 5.8 (4-P)

Mud Term 5.9 (1-P)

Frogland 5.8 (6-P)

Couple of sport routes (3-P)

Ballantine Blast 5.7 (2-P)

Ragged edges 5.8 (2-P)

Plan F 5.9+ (1-P)

*Beulah’s Book 5.9 (3-P) (with Jack L)

Solar Slab 5.6 (6-P..did most of the pitches, not all) (with Jack L)


Zion and Indian Creek, didn’t spend nearly enough time here but

climbed some fun routes! The best free climb at Zion was Tourist

crack, there are some others that look good. We mainly focused on

hiking and spending time exploring the canyons of Zion (and Grand

Canyon). Zion definitely is sandbag and an experience like no other.


At Indian Creek we had some weather trouble, so we only got 2 days of climbing, everything we climbed was spectacular, but hard and

sustained. Donnley crag is good starter area. Everything goes at 5.9 and up and is like nothing I’ve climbed before. I would describe it as “pure, sustained and vertical crack climbing”. Hopefully will go back to Indian Creek soon!


Some random photos:




Gear Notes:

Trad rack, tape, shoes, backpack


Approach Notes:


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Great pics and great year! Kudos!


I love love love the hiking and canyon exploring in Zion. Wish I'd had time to climb when I was there. Amazing place.


It's been hard to come back to all the rain this winter!!!


Zion is my favorite place! Want to go back! (Canyons esp)


And Indian creek WOW!


More pictures to dream about!








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Yes, a dream come true for sure. In the same year, we also went ice climbing for extended periods out in Cody WY, Bozeman, Ouray.


Ice climbing interspersed with the Alpine in the Cascades, including Eldorado in the winter, Chair peak 2.5 times, Dragontail. Then moving into the spring and summer with lots of cragging, Outerspace, Orbit, The Complete NR of Stuart, took a group up the Emmons in July, then Ingalls S and E ridge, plus the long trip up to Squamish-the highlight being Angels Crest.


Miles of climbing and roads traveled.


To complete the year, A couple of trips to Lilooet, Tatoosh trifecta. Now we are in present time.... 1 day in Vantage soaking up the sun....


We've met lots of cool and interesting people along the way


I still think I was dreaming, possibly was...


A few more pictures....
















Don't say your tired Geoff!


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