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Colchuck Balanced Rock


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A little update on lines on CBR, apparently Tom, Abe, and Craig have been busy up there...


Lines as of 08-2010:

Leche La Vaca 5.10

Scarface 5.10+

Nectar 5.10+

Rikki Tikki Tavi 5.11 (variations make it 5.10)

Milk and Honey 5.11

The West Face 5.11+

The Scoop 5.11c (variation makes it 5.10+)

The Tempest 5.12b



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awesome topo matt! thanks a bunch. i wanted to post the info about the routes here, but I couldn't figure out how to post pictures. So I just did the mountain project stuff. Tom and Craig put up a new line somewhere in there last week, I'll have Tom try and fill me in on where it goes. Also, the Nectar climbs a pitch above that and can reach the ridge on its own.


CBR is an amazing alpine crag, theres so many sweet link ups possible, and all the rock I've climbed on there has been superb. Get after it guys!! Tons of potential. Glad to see people are interested!

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