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MoMmy I aM ScArEd

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okay guys, i think it is time to set back look at what everyone is typing and relax.

truthfully it is too bad that there are some people who are afraid to post on this site. seems kinda weird?! but who knows?

the posturing and aggressiveness is a little bit tiresome. i personally enjoy a good bit of sarcasm, but it should never be confussed with aggression. i will bet a nickel for every empty threat, that it is just a bunch of jr. high tactics. i can't remember when the last time i heard of decent people fighting(and i would consider everyone here decent!(except for drul))

mattp's post about negativity is just a cess pool. nothing personal. it seeths negativity. it could almost be labeled evil. it seems like a free for all to hate/attack each other. i think if my mom read it she would have a heart attack. let's cut it out. the post flat out attracts the piss poor attitude that lurks in everyone's soul and allows it to grow. let's give it up.

i have never been in a fight, never argued with anyone while climbing or in any type of recreational activity. climbing is a leisure sport, something we due to relax and "find"(cliche) ourselves. i don't climb to find out that there are people out there who want to fight, wether it be for peeing on the trail, chopping bolts, dissing a guide book or whatever.

tim/jon i don't think the world would be hurt if it was delted from the site. the bullshit that has been typed there is even offensive to me. and i come from a broken home and i'm the middle child.

so maybe after the weekend everyone will be cooled down and we can resume normal internet b.s. jokes, beta trading and the what not.

p.s. anyone want to go to index next week with me? bone? dr jay? anyone....anyone....

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Yo, brotha... how does friday sound? You bring the patchuli and I'll bring the sage sticks to burn on the way down. No herb till after we crank though. Rastafari!

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