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I am in.

Green Frog on Tuesday night.

I won't be at the slideshow but I will be there for the $3 pints!

Black Beanie - Green soft shell jacket.

I will be pulling together the latest contact info tonight and forwarding the updated list.

I hope you all had a great weekend.

See you guys on Tuesday.


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To everyone that made it out to the green frog, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

I look forward to seeing this idea work out and people getting a chance to expand their circle of available partners and hopefully building some lasting friendships.

I also look forward to the chance for future pub club meets!



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All right folks, I have the most up to date list available as of 4-7-10.

MountainManDoug suggested at the end of the evening last night starting facebook page for those of us that are so inclined, to have a single post avenue for linking up with folks.

I liked the idea.

Having to PM an increasing number of people with an updated list is a time consuming chore.

That being said , I took a few minutes this morning and made a group page on Facebook entitled Bellingham Evening Top Ropers (BETR), for lack of a better name.

I have made this a private group in case people want share further contact info on line, so it requires a request for access and at this point since I am the only admin, my approval.

The list is already up to 12 people so there is potential here.


Anyway here is a link to the Facebook page for those that are interested.



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