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  1. WTB: crampons and lightweight gear

    I "need": Crampons without a toe bail to fit size 6 1/2 boot. For glacier travel and ice climbing. In a dream world they'd also have antibott plates and be lightweight (and cheap!). A Snow Peak LiteMax stove in good working condition. A prolite therm-a-rest sleeping pad, or other pad similar in style, weight and durability. Full length for a 64" person. That's all for now. More later ...
  2. $75 - 360-224-4830 GoLight Women's SparkLite 6 1/2 but sizes small. never worn. Comes with several width adjustment inserts to customize fit. $110 in stores. "A state of the art Fast Packer with our BareTech technology designed specifically for women. Using a uniquely designed sole that properly aligns a woman's feet, ankles and hips, the Spark Lite provides the elite female athlete with uncompromising performance like no other shoe in its class."
  3. Used but great condition. $25 OBO 360-224-4830. Dual Density Foam Pad with 3/8" closed cell and 3/4" open cell foam in removable water resistant cover. Designed for Mountaineering & Winter Camping. Bottom Fabric : Nylon Taslan Coating : Polyurethane Foam : Close Cell / Open Cell Roll Diameter : 7 in / 18 cm Roll Width : 20 in / 51 cm Top Fabric : Nylon Taslan
  4. Never used, still in package. $25 for both. 360-224-4830
  5. [TR] mt baker - seracs 8/29/2010

    Mountainmandoug and I were out on the seracs that day too. Strange that we didn't see you. We found an area tall enough for a full pitch and a little more. So much fun! Wasn't the ice just perfect that day? I meant to post a TR but the batteries in my camera were completely dead, and a TR without photos would have been a bit dull. Glad you posted one. Climb on!
  6. Yay, one more ... PM sent!
  7. Looking for Female Climbing Partners

    PM sent
  8. [TR] Hood - North Face epic 4/25/2010

    The Fearless Mitochondria strikes again. Great pics! You and I need to talk. XO - GG.
  9. Anybody want to go up Easton at Baker?

    Maybe. When? On skis?
  10. top-rope-bham

    Oh, I didn't know I was supposed to get on a list. I guess I just crashed Steph's photo show. Well, she didn't seem to mind. I'd like on the other list, Tyson, the one for people who want to climb and not just spray on the internet.
  11. To Mount Baker's friends and lovers ...

    You send me a PM. We chat. I put you on my list of assistants for the summer. That's how.
  12. The Mount Baker Volcano Research Center (MBVRC) is having a tee-shirt design contest. The winner gets 3 free shirts in the spring and possibly a sweatshirt in the fall. All the proceeds from sale of the shirts go into the research fund (so that starving grad students can get extra cash to pay assistants (that could be you) and rent gas masks (and you'd want one) to go play into the fuming parts of the active crater - thank you in advance!) Here's the link: http://mbvrc.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/new-mbvrc-t-shirt-design-contest/ Cheers! Glacier Girl.
  13. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman/Deming Glacier 2/20/2010

    Great pics, btw!