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Trango S4 Splitter Cams


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Anybody use these? The cam lobes rotating in the same plane looks interesting. Looking to rack up some smaller SLCD's. Was going to go with Metolious Mastercams but a friend told me to take a looks these. I've yet to find somebody local so I can get a feel for them. I am told they have more flexible stems than the Mastercams and the trigger pull is smoother.


Pros: Very narrow head. Strong for their size (8-9kN). *SUPPOSEDLY* can take resonable force with just a pair of the lobes engaged (aid climbing plus?)


Cons: Anything you've experienced, heard or gather from the design/image?



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I'm reviewing small cams right now. Short version: pass on the Splitters. Look carefully at Zeros and Mastercams and pick the one you like best. One caveat, the Zeros perform great once you get them out of the store. Unless you had a project in mind, aid climb on thin cracks or are a gear whore, pass on the 2 or 3 smallest Zeros.

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