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Rainier/Baker May 2009 (partner(s) needed)


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Will be driving up to Washington after visiting a friend in California. I am looking to do Rainier/Baker but would also like to take a look at Adams, and another route I haven't done on Mt. Hood. Would also be up for cllimbing at Smith Rock.


I am in need in partners, as I don't know anyone in the area (I live in Boulder, CO). So if you'd like to plan a trip or let me tag on to yours, I'd much appreciate it.



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I am looking at going up Mt. Rainier in a day and then skiing down in May----Kinda a long push---must be in good shape---depending on the snow conditions and approach the Emmons glacier may take up to 8-9 hours +/- to hit the top---should be a fun Ski.


I live in Bend would be happy to meet you at Smith or Trout creek.

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I went up and made an attempt at rainier last saturday. CLEAR BLUE SKIES!! But blowing a sustained 40mph. Made it up to 8500 and realized my sinus infection was only getting worse. Turned tucked tail and snowshoed back to paradise. Plan on heading back up in 2 weeks to take on gib ledges and board down. Give me a call and mabey we can put something together.

Brandon McNally


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I am looking for a climbing partner for Rainier May 29 through May 31. I will do any route. I am especially interested in ski mountaineering, but am open to hiking up as well. Please contact me if you are interested. fmluyet at yahoo.com

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I am looking to attempt Ptarmigan Ridge this year. My current partner is out of commission due to an old injury flaring up. I live in California but will be checking the weather forecasts for a high pressure system and will buy a ticket last minute.


I have fairly extensive high altitude and alpine experience.


Bill S.


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