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  1. New Climber. Is AUG enough prep time for Rainier?

    Right on. I guess I would like to just tag the summit but wouldnt mind going and doing some training runs before that. Dont know if I can make it out every single weekend but I guess I am also looking to meet some people too. Thanks for the advice.
  2. 18-ML-66417-ML- Moved to Newbies - you'll probably get more appropriate responses there...
  3. I am new to Seattle and looking to climb Rainier. I am pretty athletic and completed a cross country bicycle ride 2 years ago but havnt really climbed before. I guess I am looking for advice on training, gear, and anything else i should know.
  4. Im athletic but new to the whole climbing scene. I have a few people that are beginners also that would like to attempt it. Maybe around August? is that enough time to prep?
  5. So I am new to the area and looking to go up Rainier this summer. Anybody have any Idea what type of gear and or preperation i would need?
  6. New to the Area. Need advice!

    Ok thanks everyone for the advice
  7. New to the Area. Need advice!

    Ok thanks everyone for the advice
  8. Hey I moved to Seattle last summer and would like to get into climbing. I dont know anyone and thought maybe i could get some help. Any events? reccomendations? Anyone want to let me tag along? Sean