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  1. Sisters climb in May

    I imagine something like this has been posted before, but I don't really want to go back and look thru all those, so hoping I can get some current beta Planning on a 4-day weekend in early May, and would like to combine a couple of summits in the Sisters area. Middle/North....South/Broken Top? Going with my son. We've done all the WA volcanoes, so have basic experience. Don't really want to rope up, but no problems with crampons/ice axe. What do you think? Please pass along route info, and camping on the mountain. Appreciate it.
  2. Snowking access

    How much road walking involved before heading up the ridge? Anyone been lately?
  3. Found: GPS at NF Sauk TH

    Nice GPS left in the bathroom at the NF Sauk trailhead. Identify it and I'll send it back to ya!
  4. WTB: Double Rainbow tarptent

    Looking at trying to pick one of these up for the upcoming season. Lemme know if anyone has or knows of one that is available. Thanks
  5. Plan for Sahale is out...what else?

    Make sure to stop at the FS station in Sedro Wooley and get your permit. There was a ranger checking them at high camp last month. Wouldn't want to get booted off. No charge. Check their open hours so you don't get stuck.
  6. Plan for Sahale is out...what else?

    We climbed the pyramid unroped pretty easily last month. Found an easy route up w good handholds climbers left of the central gully. The climb up to Shannon Ridge starts on an old road, but the trail deteriorates quickly after the road ends. But if we could follow the route, I'm sure you'll be able to also. It took us 5 hours to reach the high camp area on the Sulphide at a pretty relaxed pace.
  7. Cashmere Mountain

    Views from the house looks like you'll run into continuous snow from below Windy Pass. I'd bring the pons. The traverse on the back side has a couple of steep areas. No reason to turn around that close to the end due to lack of equipment.
  8. summer alpine climbing

    Shuksan this Sat/Sun via the Sulphide, if anyone's down for it. My son and I have the glacier skills (Rainier, Baker, etc) but are lacking rope skills for the pyramid. Anyone wanna lead us up, drinks and food are on me.
  9. A small group of us are heading up Shuksan on Saturday, May 25. Plan to summit and exit on Sunday. We are all comfortable on glacier travel, but lack the expertise needed if we need to set up a rappel on the pyramid. We'd love anyone with that experience to join up with us. Food/beer provided for services.
  10. Anybody been up Shuksan via the Sulphide glacier recently? Is the Baker lake road drivable to the TH? How's the route holding up? And what kind of shape is the pyramid in? Thanks.
  11. Hood - Snow Conditions Report?

    Thinking about heading up this Thursday, May 9. Old chute route. Anybody else?
  12. Eldorado conditions?

    Anyone been up recently? Appreciate any updates on creek crossing, boulder field, moat dropping down from Hammered Ridge, glaciers and the knife edge? Thanks.
  13. Hood South Side route?

    I've climbed Hood twice before, but not in a couple of years. Both times I used the old chute route, as it seemed the common route both times I went. Thinking of trying it again this coming weekend. A friend just returned, and he said that it appeared most people were ascending via the Pearly Gates, then using the old chute for the descent. Are the PG the main ascent route now?
  14. Mt Hood

    Hey...can anyone put my mind at ease? Was planning to climb via Old Chute this Sunday, but the warm weather has me worried about the avy danger under the cliffs. Figured an early start (midnight) will help. Upper part of the mountain should be slightly under freezing levels overnight. But I still have a slight doubt about the climb. Opinions? Oh yeah...forgot to add that my son was going to share the adventure with me. Wouldn't make the greatest Mother's Day gift if something bad happened.
  15. Rainier vs Adams vs Hood

    Definite yes on the ladder crossing, if you're planning on the DC route. The RMI guides place them later in the season to help with a couple of the crevasse crossings. I crossed two of them a couple of years ago.
  16. Sherpa glacier on Stuart

    Anyone got any current beta on this route?
  17. Glacier peak June 14-17

    A small group of us are going to to climb Glacier peak June 14-17. Low route conditions will probably suck, but it's the only time our schedules will allow. We are glacier experienced, tho the Gerdine ridge route we're planning crosses very little glacier. Anyone else interested?
  18. Best Glacier peak access?

    A group of us are planning a Glacier peak climb via Gerdine ridge in mid-June. I know...conditions getting there might be crappy but it's the only chance we have this season. I've read about various approaches, but would like some feedback from others that have went. Approaches we're considering.... White River (long, brushy, avy debris) Indian Creek (avy debris, brushy) Little Wenatchee River (unsure of access to road's end, conditions of trail unknown) North Fork Skykomish (long, conditions unknown) Lightning Creek (shortest distance, but a bushwack) Any others I should be looking at? Anyone else want to join our group. We all have glacier experience. Let me know. Thanks.
  19. Best Glacier peak access?

    Problem is the NF Sauk is blocked at MP 0, which adds a lot of road walk to the distance.
  20. Ultra light sleeping bag wanted

    Looking to buy an ultralight, maybe Western Mountaineering? Need long size. Got one to sell? Drop me a line. Thanks.
  21. 8/7-8/8

    I'm planning a one-day up CC on Mt. Stuart on Saturday, 7th. You can hook up if that fits what you're looking for.
  22. [TR] Mt Hood - North Face Gully 7/3/2010

    Fantastic pictures!
  23. Mt. Hood

    Start early from T-Line. Try and be at the Hogsback before the sun crests over the rim. Go up the old chute since it's your first time. There'll be a good boot track to follow. Get back to the Hogsback before temps start warming. Prepare for a long, hot slog back to the car.
  24. Shasta west face gully. Ropes needed?

    Hi, Am planning to do this week of June 13. Can anyone advise if ropes are needed on this route this time of year? I've read different opinions. Thanks.
  25. Mt. Shasta - Memorial Day weekend (May 28-30)

    I'm heading down to do the West Face route during the week of June 13 with my son. Anyone would be welcome to join.