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  1. I am new to Seattle and looking to climb Rainier. I am pretty athletic and completed a cross country bicycle ride 2 years ago but havnt really climbed before. I guess I am looking for advice on training, gear, and anything else i should know.
  2. New Climber. Is AUG enough prep time for Rainier?

    Right on. I guess I would like to just tag the summit but wouldnt mind going and doing some training runs before that. Dont know if I can make it out every single weekend but I guess I am also looking to meet some people too. Thanks for the advice.
  3. 18-ML-66417-ML- Moved to Newbies - you'll probably get more appropriate responses there...
  4. Im athletic but new to the whole climbing scene. I have a few people that are beginners also that would like to attempt it. Maybe around August? is that enough time to prep?
  5. So I am new to the area and looking to go up Rainier this summer. Anybody have any Idea what type of gear and or preperation i would need?
  6. Hey I moved to Seattle last summer and would like to get into climbing. I dont know anyone and thought maybe i could get some help. Any events? reccomendations? Anyone want to let me tag along? Sean
  7. New to the Area. Need advice!

    Ok thanks everyone for the advice
  8. New to the Area. Need advice!

    Ok thanks everyone for the advice