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Any good stories from the Rope-up?


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Due to circumstances _entirely_ beyond my control, I missed the Fall Rope-Up. I did manage to do some climbing in Idaho and eat some Thai food, but that's another story.

If I could vicariously visit the event via some tales from folks who bravely attended, I'd appreciate it very much.

If there aren't any good stories, or if you -- ahem -- can't remember very much from the gathering, feel free to just make some shit up. I won't know the difference.


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So can you have campfires again? cause I might come down to l'worthless this weekend but I don't wanna sit around a lantern all night. it makes it much harder to toast marshmallows wink.gif

PS sorry I missed the rope-up all I can say is I thought I had a better offer. as it was I did some hiking in the rain with a heavy pack, sat in some hotsprings with fat, naked hippies, got drunk at a big party and did a 3 pitch sport climb. probably should have come down & hung out it sounds like you guys had a good time.

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Campfires were definately allowed. If it weren't for the quick actions of Drew (sp?) I would have been cooked medium rare, as it was I only burnt up the left side of me. As to the raging alcoholism, I can attest to the amount of Rainier that was consumed and that I hung with the Caveman most of Saturday night.

I'm seriously looking forward to the next one!!

yee haa.


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Originally posted by goatboy:

The Bone! So good!

Any chance of posting those videos online? I don't know how hard or easy that is to do, but I'd love to see footage of that thing!


Not my work there, you will have to ask 009. I can tell you that he might have some cool footage for sure. Maybe a 10 minute fest of me trying to climb up a crack and hanging on gear tongue.gif


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The ropeup was a ROCKING good time, much thanks to all of you that found Bridge Creek Campground and made it to the event, wouldn't of been a party without you!


What happened? Well, a bunch of climbers got togther in the woods and partied hard, climbed harder (or was it just the afteraffects of all that beer?).

Some of us forgot their beer, some their stash, we were batter lite first thing Sunday morn (Where were you, Lisa? we saw you earlier) Some forgot how to climb, someone forgot their prussiks when they REALLY could have used em', but all in all the Fall Ropeup was damn fine.

We had a round of night climbing done by the bros that just couldn't stop climbing when the sun went down.

Pancake feast on Sunday morning, We had the good doctor's advice that breakfast links are actually good for you.

Someone made WAY TOO MUCH coffee both mornings, we were collectively VERY wired Saturday morning.

Dave and myself pulled knapweed Sunday afternoon and dropped a bunch of bags off to the Ranger Office, hoping for some positive PR for climbers in Icicle Canyon, as it's a pretty delicate spot as far as access for dirtbags is concerned.

I'm guessing the ranger DavidParker mentions isn't that fond of climber types, personally I think we degrade the environment a lot less than horse packers and ORV users, but such it is.

And to those of you that didn't make it, we were waiting for you and definetly ready to accomodate all, even newbies. We had ropes and riggers ready to set up some nice toprope problems for all to enjoy,sorry more of you didn't come out.Maybe you can make the Spring Ropeup.

Many thanks again to those of you that showed up, hope to see you at the next big shindig!!


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Erikn - You're welcome from all of us. Even though he won't take any credit, Beck deserves it all.

It was great climbing on Careno Crags with you, MattP, Jerry, David Parker, and Chris_W on Sat. And Matt, Scary Canary on Castle Rock was a treat yesterday. Thanks for the climbs. It was fun playing with you this weekend.

See ya'll next year...if not before at a pub club.


p.s. Next pub club will be tomorrow at The Blue Star in Wallingford (46th and Stone) 6:30 pm.

[This message has been edited by ehmmic (edited 10-01-2001).]

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