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moving to bend, or


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hey y'allz-

i'm quiting my job at microsoft and moving to the land of mirror pond and spring skiing. i'm looking for some locals from the bend area to go climbing with... mainly alpine, but i'm game for anything. i'll be down there full time after the 15th and am living in a little shack down by sunriver and working up at the mountain.

give me an email at beefchub@hotmail.com


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Timmy Snoof,

Like I said before we will be happy to infiltrate your unabomber shack this fall. You need to give us a situation report on the local women. Send out the goons to the local brewery. You should be crankin 5.13 rock by this fall now. No excuses! You just decided to move away from the Alpine Mecca hoser!

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Capt.Hoser I think you're just jealous to still be working at msft :razz: although i did just pick up some nice pink spandex while shopping for my alter-ego superhero Microsoft outfit, captain xp... well thats a different story. But the pinkies might go over well at smith eh?

my job at microsoft

female report

on my recent trip this weekend to bachelor, i encountered an alarming number of alpine honiez pullin beer at the mountain and renting skis out. i was unable to make contact with any of the specimens due to my girlfriend hampering furhter research. once i do conduct research of these speciwomen, i will be opening up a new subsite called alpineviexens.cascadeclimbers.com... due to launch in 4Q 2000. Stay tuned for furhter press releases.

hot liquid magma

i think having active bulging magma filled earth crust near my house is exciting. plus it makes you realize that you need to climb the peaks of oregon before they all blow up. heck, the bulge can't be as bad as the highly active mammoth mountain in california where hundreds of acres of trees are killed by gaseous fumes rising from deep within the earth... very cool. i can see it now, the big bulge will burst just as rocket man floats into the atmosphere... only in oregon!!

BUT, I will gladly trade the risk of a volcanic episode to sitting in traffic on I5, 405, and 90 ANY day of the week tongue.gif i'll post an mpg of my morning commute sometime next week, hee hee

seriosuly though if you guys want to come crash at the unabombah shiznacky you're more than welcome. You may leave reaking of old shag carpet fust, but you will have a belly full of black butte porter, mmmm

[This message has been edited by tim (edited 05-10-2001).]

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You wear your pink spandex miniskirt all you want. I will take a pic and post it here for all to see tree humper!

Your job at msft link is broke.

I heard about the bulge and am avoiding it now heading for possibly Yosemite instead of Lycra Land Smith shocked.gif Granite is better tongue.gif

Nice report on the female species there. I had some scouts out last weekend and they gave similar reports!

Caveman out~ : )~

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