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Full Climbing Rack NEEDS NEW Home


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I am new to this site but I was told to post on here in order to make sure my gear went to people who would REALLY love and use it. I was in an accident where I broke my back and I am no longer able to climb anymore.

I have for SALE a FULL Climbing Rack - Purchased from Pro Mountain Sports in the University District. Purchased piece by piece was MUCH too expensive to buy all at once. My loss is your gain- willing to part with it for a fraction of the cost. Incredible FULL climbing rack-

Complete HB Nuts: Size 3- 13 Nuts

Complete 1-5 Alien

Metolius 00, 0, 1, 4,9, 10

Trango 10

Black Diamond Camalot 5

HB Wales Quadcamm 00,0,1/2,1,1 1/2,2 1/2,3,3.8

Complete Set of Tricamm: Size 0, .5, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3

Complete Set of Hexentric Cams: Size 8,9,10,11

USHBA Cleaning Device

(1) Petzl Self arrest Device (GriGri)

(1) Petzl Accender Right

(1) Petzl Accender Left

Each Cam has (1) Kong Climbing Carabiner

(1) Kong Belay Device

(2) Black Diamond Belay Device

(20+) Locking Carabineers

(20+) Slings & Carabineers

(1) Grivel Mount Blanc Ice Axe

(1) A5 North Face Haul Bag

(1 pair) Stubai Crampons

Asolo AFS 103 Guide Size 7 1/2 Boots

Plus, I have MUCH more gear (including ropes, pulleys, etc.) than that. All gear has been kept in climate-controlled environment and has NOT been dropped and has been routinely cleaned. Maybe used twice prior to accident. ALL in EXCELLENT condition.

If you desire pictures I can send them to you directly- simply contact me: elizabethdarr@yahoo.com




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At the risk of being meddlesome, this woman originally posted all this stuff on craigslist. I saw it, read the blurb about her getting out of the sport due to injury, and emailed her suggested that she might post here since she'd get a better response for all the trad gear. She's not a regula CC'er, so she may not be looking to check for PMs.


Her regular email address is on her profile, I'd suggest those of you who are interested in the gear email her the old fashioned way.

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Eh, you can take solace in the fact that your prediction that new fathers might wind up having to sell their racks may well be accurate... Since having Julian I haven't had a chance to get out but once to Index :(


And my next rock climbing isn't scheduled until the end of August :(


So if you see a "rack for sale" post by me, you'll know what happened.

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Yeah: I think it's common that the better climbers really don't post here, they're out doing it, were just taklin about it.


BTW, find a place close to you're home so you can get an hour in while your kids are napping, that way when you do get out and climb,. it's not so difficult and painful.

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