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[TR] Der Pilot Butte-wand - PILOT BUTTE CHALLENGE 1/27/2008

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Trip: Der Pilot Butte-wand - PILOT BUTTE CHALLENGE


Date: 1/27/2008


Trip Report:

We all have one of those pitches we constantly lust over. You know, the run that really will require you to step it up, and throw it down with mad steeze... stick it switch, and into the road some might say.


This line has been taunting me for over six years now. I have often heard local hardmen speak of the epic seasons when it has been *IN*, but the perfect storm had yet to set the stage for me to set forth, and take THE PILOT BUTTE CHALLENGE!




1600 hrs, Sunday

After triple checking my equipment, phoning the NWAC for a list minute check on the avi report, I bid farewell to my support crew at base camp, and began the long approach to Der Pilot Butte. The mood was festive as I skinned away, but had that queasy feeling in my stomach knowing that I was about to take on an agressive line.




1615 hrs, Sunday

The massive storm had me worried about the long approach. The flats that surround Der Pilot Butte have long been an issue for many aspiring schralpers.... fortunately, a skin track was already in!




The skin track made for quick travel, and before long, the objective was in site. Pucker factor set in as I stared directly into the gut of THE LINE!




Upon arriving at the base of the route, I attempted to check in to the ranger station to obtain the necessary permits for my climb. Unfortunately no rangers were available to update me on climbing conditions, though the ranger had left a sign warning me of wild middle-aged divorced women loose in the area:




With a wary eye on the watch for cougars, I began my ascent of PB. The conditions warranted a full circumnavigation, although lengthy, this gave me a chance to assess snow conditions, and dig 4 separate pits on different aspects. My friend Jlag would have been proud.


The higher I ascended into the alpine, the views of the surrounding wilderness were amazing.




1715hrs Sunday

SUMMIT! So stoked to get to the top of the beast. But more stoked to get the goods. Skins were ripped quickly, and THE LINE was sent in style.




1745hrs Sunday

Back at basecamp I received a heroes-welcome, and was rewarded with a diaper full of goods to cleanup. GET SUM!


Approach Notes:

Take care crossing Bear Creek Rd, and most definitely use the underpass of HWY20.

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Way to make me proud Timmy.


But you should know that one must always ski with a buddy.


Wanna head up again this weekend?



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