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[TR] Capetown, South Africa, Table Mountain - Right Face (SA 11) 10/16/2007

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Trip: Capetown, South Africa, Table Mountain - Right Face (SA 11)


Date: 10/16/2007


Trip Report:

Once again I found myself in Capetown, South Africa for another conference. This time the conference was at a better time of year (spring). Though there was a better chance that I would have good weather, on this trip I did not add any extra days, so I had no time to spare.


When I arrived in Capetown it was a little brisk, but for the most part we had sunny days the whole time. Though the wind was ripping the whole time, temps were pretty reasonable. Everyday day Table Mountain had the table cloth out (layer of fog that drapes over the plateau), which concerned me a little bit since I never been on the mountain and didn't know my way around. I figured I had a long shot in doing a climb up on the mountain, but I kept hoping.


Well as it turns out our last day of the conference was a halfday, the only time I would be able to do a climb. The sun was out and the wind was down. A look up at the mountain from my hotel room I could see the table cloth was put away and there was not a cloud in the sky. I packed my pack which consisted of some water, a jacket, the guide book, shoes, chalk bag with the hopes the weather would hold. Finally the conference was over, I rushed up to my room for a quick change of clothes, grab the pack and off I went.


$30 and 15 minutes later I was at the base of the cable car station. Originally I chose a route right under the cable car, but then seeing all the people at the base and in the station I decided I didn't really wanted an audiance gawking at me every 10 minutes as the car went by. So I opted for Right Face (SA 11, 5.6). It was a older route that was broken into three butress's about +/-300 feet each. Also there was a lot of ledges which I thought would be a good thing, not really, it made it hard to get into a groove, I eventually did and finally made it to the top of Table Mountain.


Next time I really need to get a partner and get on some of the 'real' climbs. The rock was very much like the Gunks, steep with big ass jugs and trad. Very cool climbing, I would highly reccomend climbing on Table Mountain if you ever get a chance.


Looking down at the hordes of people at the cable car station, behind that is downtown Capetown.




Looking up at the upper cable car station. The route I was originally going to do goes up to the left of the cable car.




Looking up at the middle of Right Face on Table Mountain.




Looking up at the upper third of Right Face.




Looking off towards the Atlantic. Lion's Head is the bump sticking out and the island off in the distance is Robin Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during aparthied.




Looking down at Capetown, I was staying at the beach that is in the upper right corner of the picture.




Looking up the last few hundred feet of the route. This part was super fun face climbing (avoiding all of the veggies and dirty cracks) up vertical terrain on giant chicken heads. Great exposure on this section since you are at 1300m elevation with the ocean and city in the background.




Finally on top. This looking off to the south where the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet.





Gear Notes:

Gear, gear, we don't need no stinkin' gear. Normally a small and simple trad rack would do.


Approach Notes:

$30 taxi to cable car station.

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Nice! Looks cool. Capetown's a pretty cool place with ostrich and penguins on the beach and all. Climbed in the Drakensburg yet? Looks like chossy goodness.

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Nice, Ken. When you get back with a partner I recommend Roulette, it's fuuun. Also let me know when you're headed there next; I know a couple of Cape Town climbers you might be able to hook up with.


Lion's Head has some nice climbing too.

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No I haven't been to the Drakensburg yet, but there suppose to be some good climbing in those mountains. I would really like to go there during July or August and do some ice climbing.


BTW-Like the Gunks, looks are decieving. I was expecting to find all kinds of looseness, but I encountered really solid rock all the way up.

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My primary climbing partner for the last 14 years is going to be moving to Cape Town in January and will be there for a year. If anyone could p.m. me any info on capetown climbing and contacts for local climbers that would be great. I plan on making a trip there some time next year to hit the beach and crags for a visit too.




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