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the REAL question


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There's a bit at the trestle of Exit 38:

-hiking up the trail you hit a mossy large bloc w/a few things

-when you hit the next boulders by the credit-card-thief sign, take a right and look up behind the low mound---there's a good traverse and some up-things

-Lots of elims., traverses, and starts of routes to boulder at the Nevermind Wall

-A few more traverses are further down at the first short section of We Did Rock.

Also,try looking for the "Black Forest" on this site, but I can't tell you how to get there.

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walk 2 miles north on the pacific crest trail.


large boulder field begins at the boundary sign for the alpine lakes wilderness. we developed a handful of good problems there last summer on the down slope side of the trail. Right now is PRIME TIME for this area. very easy almost flat hike.







all problems FA by KIX and Peck.


black forest is a myth.




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This could be a photo of me two years ago after breaking my ankle. Same leg, same boot, took the same approach in the gym. Led to 12 mos. of rotator cuff trouble and lots of rubber tube exercises.


On the bright side, I got pretty good at one-footed gym climbing. Found it was easier than using two feet on some steep stuff.

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