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Koflach Verticals


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So, I've owned a pair of Koflach Verticals for a little while now, and I think I've come to hate them... A couple of reasons include:


1. I bought them a bit tight (kinda a half size issue... The size larger had my foot moving around, the ones I got seemed a little more snug than I would have prefered) thinking they would pack out a bit after using them, but even after numerous trips they are still tight and I tend to bash my toes when frontpointing ice.


2. I'm not sure why, but when it's less than super cold, I find that the bottoms of my feet hit a temperature of about 7 million degrees, especially when heading downhill (I think it's friction or something). Sometimes it so bad that I have to stop and take the boots off.


3. When it does happen to be super cold, my feet get cold (I think its tightness causing loss of circulation??).


4. My heel lifts up when I frontpoint up something steep (despite tightness).


5. They are kinda heavy.


In general I've switched to wearing my Garmont G-rides, which I would probably be doing anyway if the climb is approachable on skis, but when I'm leaving the sticks at home it's hard to justify wearing ski boots (even though they climb pretty well and weight about the same). So, other than telling me I'm an ass for getting them too tight, what do you think? Would those intuition liners solve some or all of the above issues? If so, where's the best place to get them (I'm in Corvallis)? Should I just get rid of them?



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I bought them tight because I wanted something that would really stick on those dime sized edges and nubbin routes at Smith... Just kidding. Actually, I was wearing the same size boot in a Degree that fit great, and then I ordered the Verticals on the interweb (same size) thinking they would fit the same (even though they were a different model, that should make a difference though, should it?). Anyway, I should have returned them right away, but stupidly thought they would pack out a bit after wearing them. I hate buying footwear without trying them on, but there aren't a lot of places around Corvallis that carry climbing boots. Anyway, thanks for the link Phil and for confirming my assdom.

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They stuck out of the top of the Koflacks about 4” causing me some concern with rubbing on both calf and shin (unconfirmed on the following). I took them for a lap under the Palmer lift and they just felt sloppy… something about not being able to cinch the inner boot with a lace, I’d be concerned front pointing on WI. Anyway, might work for others – sideways.com was great about returning them and refunded my money completely. At that price it may be worth the effort to see if they work for others.

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I'm curious as to what size show you wear.

I also have the Vertecals and found them to fit perfect in the correct size that I wear. I upgraded from my Degres and I admit I had all the problems you have with the Vertecals, but with the Degres.


1. Vertecals tend to fit more exact so no need to get a smaller size. In terms of width, I admit Verts are on the slim side and People I climb tell me they prefer wider, roomier Expeds over Verts because of that. These are things the store clerk should of told you. Unless you got them online.


2. I figure that Verts aren't as warm as I thought, but I've only

worn them out in -25 weather and that was once this season and it wasn't during ice climbing. I usually climb above 0, not by choice but because of where I climb...so I never worry about cold feet.


3.Heel Lift is a personal thing and I find when other people say the get heel lift, I find it usually has less to do with the way my feet would fit in the same boots and more to do with the shape of their feet fitting in that boots. In other words, not a problem for me with the Verts, but I did complain about it with my old Expeds during winter hikes.


I'm also looking for Intuition Liners for my Verts, but I've been holding out since I already spend way out my budget for all the gear I needed just to start ice climbing this season. I will say that I heard great things about mixing those Liners and Koflach boots.

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