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Mt. Hood events speculation


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HOOD RIVER, Ore. -- Autopsy results Wednesday showed that Mt. Hood climber Kelly James, whose body was recovered Monday, was not injured as previously thought.




AP Photo


Brian Hall's sister, Angela Hall (left) and Sheriff Joe Wampler speak to the media.


James did not have a dislocated shoulder as reported by authorities earlier this week. Furthermore, James' body showed no broken bones or injuries that would have prevented his mobility, according to the state medical examiner, Dr. Larry Lewman.



Lewman did say it appears James suffered from hypothermia and dehydration.

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Most recent update from The Oregonian:


"Lewman said that during an autopsy on James on Wednesday, neither a physical exam nor X-rays revealed any broken bones or dislocations. [Dr.Larry Lewman, Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office]


Any comments?


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That explains why he was smiling and happy in the summit pics. There was nothing injury-wise to be concerned about, cause there was no injury. I was curious about that, even before todays autopsy report. Like so many other reports, it didn't make sense. I hope the journalists are proud of themselves. If their livelihoods were dependant on accuracy, they'd be in the unemployment line.

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Hey newbies, haven't you heard? You have no right to comment here with less than 200 posts to your credit. So type something stupid 200 times like the other guys to earn your stupid points. Then you will have arrived and can kid yourself into thinking someone is taking you seriously. Makes perfect sense.

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God hates me.


Yeah, but Jesus loves you. The rest of us think you're an asshole.








Gee that's really original. Can you quote a host of other trite bumber stickers as well? Maybe "Dog is my Co-Pilot." "My dogma ran over your karma." Oh ho ho ho ho ho .... soooo funnnyyy.


About as funny as your 30 year old SNL routine.



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