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  1. Any PDXers going to Smith this weekend?

    What are we talking like a couple of kgs? Got a tasty housewife or two to throw in with the duffel bag?
  2. when did porn become ok, even in spray?

    Is that like keeping spray in spray? he said SPRAY and PORN. HAHAHAHAHA!
  3. Jesus h. Christ

    did you put it back in the drawer?
  4. BC Boarding recommendations

    Dude sick suspension system!!
  5. today is one of those days

    When I'm bored, I usually knock on the door of some innocent young woman and then devour her when she let's me in. Try it some time - you'll like it.
  6. SC and Prole: We told you so

    Puhlease. You don't really think that kids in the ghetto that work for McDonald's really have any life aspirations do you? They're just in it for the stuff. That's like arguing that single mom's don't have more babies to increase their welfare payments. Wake up to the realities of the world! They aren't like you and me.
  7. Question!

    Is there a vacine that protects baby sharks from dolphin fungus? Dolphins are dirty freaking animals!
  8. How did cc.com miss this one!?!?!?!

    mmmmmmm ... unborn babies. i love the salty crunch crunch. anyone know if she needs a plumber?
  9. [TR] Zion - Moonlight Buttress 12/15/2006

    woot! nice job Nick.
  10. Wallowas Snow Conditions

    The Sno-Tel data from Aneroid Basin and Mt. Howard looks pretty grim. http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/snotel/snotel.pl?sitenum=653&state=or
  11. Yes, another easterner gonna climb Rainier

    This isn't enough time unless you luck into a perfect weather.
  12. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    Yeah, but Jesus loves you. The rest of us think you're an asshole. Gee that's really original. Can you quote a host of other trite bumber stickers as well? Maybe "Dog is my Co-Pilot." "My dogma ran over your karma." Oh ho ho ho ho ho .... soooo funnnyyy.
  13. punk ass sprayers

    Do you ladies like candygrams? Perhaps you need a plumber. Call me.
  14. Traveling to Canada ???

    Shit you guys are just lucky you don't have to deal with the Canuckians mandatory 2 week shark quarantine. What a pain in the ass!
  15. Rescue Statistics: Let's outlaw hiking $ boating

    No no you mean no more blogs. Dumb ass. Chat rooms are so 2004.