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[TR] Darrington- Exfoliation dome - Blueberry - Attempt 5/14/2006


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Because it was almost 90 degrees and Matt sweats *a lot*. Seriously - he's normally dripping wet after a climb. I think he'd pass out from heat exhaustion if he'd been in pants.


A word to the wise though - if any of you do this approach and think there might be a change of bushwhacking (I think you should be prepared either way) I'd recommend wearing shorts and gators. That way you could still be in shorts for the climb, but you wouldn't get as scraped up as we did. If you do decide to wear pants, don't wear your favorite ones - they'll probably get torn.

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The real question is why you would wear shorts. Only goat ropers and pole smokers wear shorts at Darrington except Hanman, who is not a pole smoker but rummor has it has roped a few goats.


Trick question! Because only pole smokers and goat ropers climb at Darrington. Ha!

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