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  1. Squamish July 8 - 11

    All of my regular partners are busy this weekend. But I just got back from vacation and it's been raining so much. Looks like it's going to be dry but hot this weekend. I have Thursday and Friday off so I was hoping for 4 days in Squamish. I have a rack and a rope. I can lead 5.8/5.9 on multi-pitch and can follow 11a. I've led several single pitch 10a's a well. I'll be driving up from Seattle so if anyone wants to carpool, let me know!
  2. boots, ice axe, and crampons are sold. I still have everything else (including the GPS). Women's Osprey Ariel 65 pack. Color: Havasu Blue Size: medium I bought it for $249. Asking: $175 OBO http://www.rei.com/product/733140?cm_mmc=cse_froogle-_-datafeed-_-product-_-na&mr:trackingCode=E801D6A4-B9F3-DD11-96D7-0019B9C043EB&mr:referralID=NA Koflach Degre plastic boots women's size 8 (men's 6.5) I bought them for $269 Asking $175 OBO http://www.guideschoice.com/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=295 Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro Step-In Crampons One size fits all -- currently adjusted to fit the Koflach boots above. I also have an OR canvas case for them that I'll give you free if you want it. I bought them for $159 Asking $100 OBO http://www.rei.com/product/747015 Julbo glacier glasses (& hard plastic case) I bought them for $50 Asking $20 2 CMI Blue Pulleys I bought them for $15/ea. Asking $20 for the set http://www.rei.com/product/716689 Garmin eTrex Vista GPS brand new, unopened. I actually won this item, but it costs $200 new I'll sell it brand new in the box for $150 http://www.rei.com/product/784655 REI fleece pants women's size small I bought them for $69 Asking $40 OBO http://www.rei.com/product/770972 OR rain hat I bought it for $50 Asking $25 OBO http://www.rei.com/product/238313 Assorted backpacking food pouches: 3 Mountain House flavors: mexican style rice % chicken, potatoes & Cheese w/ broccoli, vegetable lasagna 2 Mountain High flavors: spicy thai chicken, spinach cheese omelette I paid ~$7 each You can have them if you take any of the other major items! Here's a picture of all of the actual products:
  3. I teach at a community college and I've found myself with an odd schedule of all evening and on-line classes this quarter. So I'm hoping to find a regular partner to climb with at Seattle Vertical World at least once a week during the day as all of my regular partners climb in the evening. Anyone up for some uncrowded gym time? (I'm lead certified and have a lead rope we could use).
  4. I've been spending the summer climbing in Squamish, but it seems it's going to be wet and rainy there for the coming week so I'm looking to climb elsewhere. Anyone want to go to Smith or Trout creek for the week? I mostly interested in trad and the Lower Gorge at Smith is a good way to beat the heat, but I'm happy to clip bolts as well if that's what others want to do. I have a full rack and rope. I can consistently lead 5.8 (sport and trad) and have led a handful of 5.9s and 10a as well. I can follow 10c/d usually clean. *Julia Edited to add: I could also easily be talked into a climbing road trip to Idaho, Nevada, Utah (too bad Indian Creek is still too hot!), or California (Yosemite). I could be free for the next few weeks if anyone is interested.
  5. favorite climbing quotes

    "You have either have got the spirit or you don't. If you've got the spirit you fuckin rock; and if you don't ... you're a sport climber." -Leonard Coyne
  6. I'm a teacher with summers off, so I'm in Squamish climbing full time until September. If you want to venture north to Canada, I'm always looking for weekday partners up here.
  7. Hi Everyone, Some of you may remember me from last year. I'll be spending all of July and August in Squamish again this year and I'm looking for partners -- mostly for weekdays. I'm renting a room this time instead of staying in the campground so I'll have regular internet access so email may be the best way to reach me, but you can also call me at 206-661-6759. Details about me: I'm a 28 y.o. female. I have my own rack and rope and will have my truck up there as well. I am a solid 5.8 leader on cracks, and have led a handful of 5.10's in Squamish as well (The Zip, Nubile Woman, p1 of Exasperater). I broke my ankle badly last summer and it's not done healing yet, but it doesn't seem to be holding me back too much. I'll be heading up after 4th of July weekend and be there through early September.
  8. Hey all, some of you may remember me from last year. I'm planning on spending July and August in Squamish again this year (I'm a teacher and have summers off). I loved living in the campground last year, but this year, I'm thinking it might be nice to rent a room. So if anyone has a room for rent (or share). I'm looking for something cheep (around $200/month). PM me if you have something you'd like to rent or any information you think would be helpful. And of course, I'll be looking for climbing partners as well. I'll probably post something to that effect in the partners section as the date gets closer.
  9. Yeah, I've been posting there as well. If I don't find a room, I'll be at the campground as well. And I'd be happy to rope up with you. I'm still recovering from a shattered ankle from a bad fall last August and me lead head took quite a beating from the fall as well. But I was in Squamish last weekend and led several climbs including an easy short 10a (Nubile Woman), so hopefully it won't take long to get back to where I was. If the room thing doesn't work out, maybe we can share a campsite as well!
  10. Yeah, I know $200 is low. I was hoping to find a place to share with several people. Like maybe a 1 bedroom place split between 4 people or so.
  11. I took a risk and bought a harness online because it was a really good deal and a very similar style to the harness I'm currently using. But I"m not happy with the way it fits, so I'm planning on returning it, but I thought I might try to sell it here first to save me the cost of shipping to return it. I'll sell it for the same price I bought it for, $30. The harness is a size 8 Black Diamond women's primrose harness. According to their size chart, I shoudl be a size 4, but these harnesses have a reputation for running small. I think it's the right size for me, I just don't like the fit. Here's a link from the website I bought it at. PM me if you'd like to take a look at it and feel free to pass the info on to anyone you think might be interested. I live in the Seattle area, so you'd have to be nearby -- if I have to drive far or ship it to you, it would be easier for me to just ship it back to backcountry.com http://www.backcountryoutlet.com/outlet/BLD0735/Black-Diamond-Primrose-AL-Harness-Womens.html
  12. Summer in Colorado

    Hey, I'm planning on taking a climbing road trip this summer by myself and will be looking for partners. I would like to spend a lot of time climbing in Colorado. When it gets closer to the date you'll be leaving, send me a pm and maybe we can connect out there and rope up together!
  13. Tieton Sat-Sun

    How was the weather when you were there last weekend. I was planning on going to Vantage again this weekend (was there last Sunday and the weather was *beautiful*!), but the quality of climbs is definitely better at Tieton, I'm just worried it'd be too cold!
  14. I'm planning on attending Red Rocks Rendezvaus March 28 - 30 (http://www.mountaingear.com/RedRock/index.aspx). I'm not going to take any of the clinics, so I'm looking for partners to climb with during the day. I also have the whole week before off, so I can potentially be out there for a week (March 23 - 30) to climb. I am an experienced female climber and have all my own gear (full rack, rope, etc.), though I am recovering from a broken ankle, so I may want to stick to easier stuff -- (depends on how the healing goes between now and then. I'm also looking for a ride from the airport in Vegas to the Spring Mountain Ranch campground at Red Rocks and back. I'm not sure what the dates are yet as I still haven't booked my flight, so I could still work around someone else's schedule. I'd be happy to pitch in for gas. Let me know if you want to carpool or climb together!
  15. Squamish

    Hi, me again! I'm in Squamish all summer, but left for a wedding and stayed in Seattle for a bit because I was sick. Now I'm back but a lot of the other dirt-bag climbers I was roping up with are gone! So I'm back here scrounging around for partners. I'm still leading 5.7 on multi-pitch, but have led a few single pitch 8's. I can follow up any 10. I'd prefer to do multi-pitch since I've climbed pretty much everything in my ability at the Bluffs, but I'd be up for cragging too -- I haven't climbed anything at the base of the grand wall yet, so if you want to lead those, I'd be happy to belay and follow. If you're interested in climbing with me, you can pm me here, or since I don't check in online every day, you can also text message me at 206-661-6759. Since I have a US phone up here, I'm only using it for texting. Weather looks crappy this weekend, but should improve after that (hopefully!)
  16. Climb 7/10-7/13

    I'm in Squamish all summer camping at the Chief campground spot #55 all week. I can't use my phone and I'm not sure how often I'll be able to check my email, but if you want a partner, come by my camp site in the evening or early morning.
  17. Climbing this Tuesday?

    Hi! I'm in Squamish all week (all summer actually) and I'm always looking for good week-day partners! If you're still looking for someone to climb with tomorrow, you can find me at the Chief campground at spot #55 (car spot). I'm from the US (Seattle) so I can't use my phone up here and I probably won't be able to check my email, but if you come by early, I'll be at the campsite. *Julia
  18. Squamish - Mid August

    I'm heading up to Squamish tomorrow and will be there until the end of August. Since I'll already be up there, I can't offer you a ride, but if you make it up, I'd love to climb with you. Right now I'm only leading 5.7 trad reliably and top-roping 10's. But I'm hoping after a month or so of climbing every day, those grades will improve. In any case, I can certainly follow you up any 9 you want to climb. I also have my own rack/rope, etc. I'll have my computer up there so if you want to get together to climb, send me a pm!
  19. I'll be heading up to Squamish sometime in the next couple days and am planning on staying there (Chief campground) all summer. I'll have my laptop with me so if you ever want a weekday partner in Squamish, send me a PM!
  20. Cragging July 1-3

    I'm planning on spending a couple of months in Squamish this summer, but I'm holding off on heading up there because of weather. So I was wondering if anyone would want to do some cragging somewhere with decent weather for July 1-3 (Sunday - Tuesday). The weather looks good in Leavenworth and Smith ... I'd be up for somewhere else too, but I'm dog-sitting during that time so I'll have to stick to single pitch stuff. I'd prefer trad, but sport at Smith would be fun too. I'm leading 7 trad consistently and 8-9 sport consistently and top-roping 10's (both sport and trad) clean. I'm a bit out of shape right now, but hopefully a few days of climbing will put me back in the game. I have all of my own gear including a pretty healthy rack. Let me know if you're interested in a few days of uncrowded weekday cragging. I have to be back in Seattle by 4th of July afternoon. (I'm also always looking for more people to climb with in Squamish -- I'll be there for most of July and August).
  21. I posted on here a while ago looking for information for staying in Squamish for the summer. Thanks to any of you who gave me much needed advice and info. Now that it's getting closer to time, I'm looking to meet people to climb with up there. Hopefully my passport will get to me soon and the plan now is to head up sometime around the beginning of July and stay through August. Right now, I'm top-roping trad 10's clean and leading 7's consistently. Sport, I'm also top-roping 10's clean and struggling up 11's on tr and leading 8's consistently. I'm hoping those grades are improved by the end of the summer! I have all of my own gear including a 60m rope and a pretty healthy rack. If anyone is interested in roping up with me, send me a pm and we can exchange contact info. I'm especially interested in finding other women to climb with, but I'll climb with anyone that's safe.
  22. Yosemite in June?

    I'm from Seattle, but will be passing through Yosemite mid-late June (exact dates to be determined). It seems a shame to be in Yosemite and not climb, so I'm looking for partners. I'm pretty experienced, but I still climb at pretty low grades (by Yosemite standards) so I won't be heading up the nose or anything like that. Right now, I'm leading 5.7 and top roping 5.10 trad -- but might even have to take those ratings down a notch if Yosemite is anything like I've heard it is. I have all of my own gear including a fairly healthy rack. Please let me know if you'd like to climb with me -- otherwise I'll have to try to scrounge up some partners from camp 4.
  23. Yosemite in June?

    I won't be able to make it town there until mid-late June. The dates aren't set in stone yet, but the earliest I will be able to make it down there will be June 20th and I'll probably leave somewhere between the 26 and 28th. It's possible I won't head down until the 25th of June, in which case, I'd stay until the 28th or 29th.
  24. Hi everyone, I'm a working professional/weekend climber. However, I happened to get the summer off and my lease happens to end in June, and I got this crazy idea to just put my stuff in storage and spend the summer in Squamish!! I was in Squamish for a total of 5 weekends last summer, but I've never spent more than 4 days in a row there so I have a few questions for anyone who might know. 1. Camping. I'm planning on staying at the climber's campground. Is there a limit for how long you can camp there? If so, how do I get around that? Would it be enough to move to a different campsite, or should I plan on getting a room in the hostel for a night every couple of weeks? Any other suggestions? I have a truck -- I could sleep in the back of that once in a while. I'm thinking of getting a camper shell, but I'm not sure I can afford it. 2. Showers. I don't mind going for a week or so without a shower, but I'm going to want one once in a while -- swimming in the lake only does so much. Will I have to get a room in a hostel to get a decent shower? Or spend that night at the Shannon Falls campground maybe? Is there another public shower I could somehow use? 3. Climbing partners!! I'm planning on doing this by myself. How hard will it to be to find people to climb with? I'm particularly concerned because I'm not the greatest climber. I can top-rope 5.10's clean, but I tend to be pretty slow. As far as leading, I can lead 8 sport consistently and only 7 trad consistently. I have lead Sally Five Fingers and a few other 8's in that area of Smoke Bluffs. They were really easy and short though and I wouldn't say I can lead 8's consistently -- I wouldn't be comfortable leading the 8 pitches of Diedre for example. I'm hoping that after spending a couple of months there, I'll be climbing much better, but at my current ratings, do you think it'll be difficult for me to find people to climb with? I will post in the partners section of this board as well as squamishclimbing.com, and probably put a note up on the bulletin board at the climber’s campground. Any other suggestions for finding partners? 4. Getting there. I live in Seattle and I'm an American. I'm planning on driving there. If I say that I'm planning on staying for a couple of months will that cause problems at the boarder crossing? 5. A job. Although I think I can cover the minimal expenses that go with living out of a tent, it would be nice to have some kind of part-time job for extra spending money. How hard would it be to find something like that as an American? Where should I look (the hostel, the climbing store, etc)? 6. Anything I'm forgetting? Anything else I should know about? Thanks in advance!