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what's in your ice tool quiver?


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With the exception of M-climbing, I use sabretooths for everything. Ice, mixed, glacier, alpine. I've done all my mixed and ice climbing over the last 3-4 yrs exclusively in them. I think they beat out vertical frontpoints for almost everything. You can even smear in them on rock (to an extent...).

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1 pair of aztars

1 pair of quarks (thanks Chris!!!)

1 pair of ergos

1 pair of monsters (python print grin.gif)

1 grivel compact black (aka fisher price my first ice tool)

1 BD CFBP (is it yours?)


2 pair of sarkens (1 pair sidelock, 1 pair spirlock)

2 pair of darts (one with heel spurs, one w/out)

1 pair of BD raptors (mounted on Kayland Ice Comps)

1 pair of SMC hinged crampons


If anyone wants to demo something get a hold of me yoda.gif


Jesus dude, that kind of makes me sick to my stomach. You may have some justification for having all that shit, but jesus efin christ.


The use of the word 'quiver' alone makes me sick to my stomach. Save that shit for telemarktips.com

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Enough moralizing. Even climbing naked with no gear constitutes deluxe leisure activity. Those of you who are sick to your stomachs should sell all your equipment and devote your lives to good works. The rest of us will buy up your used stuff and roll around on piles of gaudy gear, laughing with glee.


I use a lot of Grivel axes and various Grivel and Petzl/Charlet crampons. Each tool is best for a certain kind of climbing. Some crampons fit one kind of boot well, others fit another.


On the other hand, if I was macho I would climb everything, including overhanging mud, with a 90 cm wood shafted piolet . . . cantfocus.gif

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