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  1. If you're collecting, don't forget the first issue is not #1, it's #0.
  2. Probably? You're never gonna see those again...
  3. Generally accepted by whom? So basically what you're you're saying it takes >2 weeks to show any improvement from any type of training, be it aerobic/strength/anerobic/etc. So if I lift weights today, I won't be any stronger until more than 2 weeks have passed? Where's the scientific support for this?
  4. I'd like to know my rights if I find one - if it's unmarked like the one that guy found, can I legally keep it? How do I distinguish an unmarked camera owned by the FS from some random pervert's? I'm thinking free cameras are lying in the woods just waiting for us to find them!
  5. pdk

    New Nomic?

    They were BD tethers - likely a prototype version. In this case, it sounds like the tool would have held his fall if the cord had not failed - but I see your point. I should have added the other moral of the story that we talked about - attaching anything sharp to you body that has the potential for bouncing around in a fall is a recipe for getting hurt. Unavoidable in some circumstances, avoidable in others (I see lots of photos of people on here using tethers on single pitch climbs - why?)
  6. pdk

    New Nomic?

    So Dane, you've been teasing people with your prototypes for a year now. When are you actually going to start selling stuff?
  7. pdk

    New Nomic?

    If you can fit it - I'd recommend something bigger than 4mm cord. Buddy recently took a wipper and his 4mm cord snapped, sending the little attachment biner flying into his hand, breaking his index finger pretty badly. Freak accident - but the moral is the 4mm cord is not strong enough to take a hard fall on static tethers.
  8. I am all for bolting rap anchors on all these routes. I have a hand drill you can borrow if you guys want to add bolts next time you head up.
  9. The purple line starts on the other side of I-rock before hitting the ridge - i tried to make it a dashed line in that section... Green line and purple line share a short section leading up the bolt anchor (small black "X").
  10. If you follow the left skyline up to the golden-sunny-rock section, there is a two-bolt anchor just above there to climber's right on a small ledge. The bolts are manky and need replacing. I have a hand drill and set of bolts waiting for a trip up there. There are several more obvious lines heading up to the same general area. From the rap station, you can rap down either side w/ two 60m ropes.
  11. Where are your lines in relation to the ones I put there? To climbers left. One line follows the left skyline. The other starts about 1/2 way between the far left and the red line.
  12. If I can figure out how to add those squiggly lines, I can add a couple more. Wayne, I've been looking for a good north face photo of I-rock to no avail. Really, something from Yocum or the far side of the Reid would be best - the RHW/Leuthold vantage point isn't the greatest. If I can pull myself away from the bike on a nice day, I'll get something usable and maybe add another squiggly line.
  13. Just save/reuse the mesh thread covers that come w/ each screw - if desired toss in a cheapo bag.
  14. My personal favorite is #3.... wypierdalaj: Polish word for "get lost", but much more vulgar (more like "get the fuck out of here!"). Also used as "let's go" especially among young people. 1.Wypierdalaj stad chamie! 1.Get lost(You) jerk! 2.Jak nie masz kasy to wypierdalaj! 2.If You don't have money, then get the fuck out of here! 3.Nudno tu. Wypierdalamy! 3.It's boring here. Let's go (somewhere else).
  15. Its not a true traverse if you can't spell "Ptarmigan"
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