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Winter boot for the Cascades


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I'm looking to get a used pair of boots that will basically act as an all weather boot for the Cascades. I'm considering looking at plastic but want something that climbs well and isn't overkill for the Cascades. I'm looking at the La Sportiva Trango Extremes and or maybe even the Nepal Extremes. Does anyone know the real differences and capabiliites between these boots? Would either of them be able to handle the most extreme case in the Cascades (say a winter attempt of Rainier)? Does anyone have any other suggestions besides these La Sportiva models? Discuss... thanks

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I can say the Nepal Extremes are excellent boots, and good enough for essentially any conditions you will encounter in the Cascades, year-round. Mine have kept me fairly comfortable in some truly horrible winter storms. The Italian craftsmanship is outstanding and they fit my foot like bedroom slippers. They cost a ton at retail price, but they are handmade in Italy and it shows. I have slogged cinder and climbed WI5 in them and they have been perfect in either scenario. Damn, they should sponsor me. Gear review complete.

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Whatever fits.


Rainier in winter might be a bit cold for leathers depending on how many days/nights you take (leathers freeze after a few nights out) and your circulation. Yes it has been done but I would venture a guess that most people wear plastic. Have you climbed Rainier in the early spring before? What did you wear then?


With that said leather will be warm enough for just about everything else in the cascades in winter. Maybe buy the leathers (what ever fits) and rent plastics if you try for rainier.

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