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HELP: Lost Camera on Eldorado


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I need some help here. I was up with my dad on Eldorado this past week (7/10-7/12) and while returning to the Eldo Creek Basin, his camera came up MIA.


The details: We last took a picture of the Bunny Rabbit Rock while descending the Eldo Glacier around 10am on the 12th, close enough to the ridge to be in its shadow. We were more than half-way down from the flat ice field to the gully up the ridge. We noticed it was missing when we were over in the Eldo Creek Basin at the by the first (highest) waterfall.


Somewhere between there it was lost, and I believe it happened right by the base gully we used to come back over the ridge, still on the snow, on the Eldo Glacier side of the ridge. Turns out as I was stepping onto the rock and off of the snow, the bit I was standing on collapsed and I dropped into the moat. My dad arrested and that's when I think he lost it.


The camera is in a light grey case which is about the size of a big cell phone. The case won't be easy to pick out due to its color. The camera itself is a black Fuji point and shoot, but you won't know that til you find it and look inside the light grey case. Inside is my dad's name (John Kouba) and number, except the area code is incorrect- 860 instead of 203.


If anyone is heading up there or knows anyone heading up there, I beg you- please pass the word around and keep an eye out for it. The trip was one of the most fantastic things that my dad and I have done together and I'd love to have the pix from the camera (there is at least one exposed roll in the case and another in the camera as well). Please keep your eyes peeled from the Basin to the glacier.


Should you happen to find it, please drop me a line. I'd be glad to arrange a gift certificate to a local restaurant or something for you. You can get me at: ckouba@hotmail.com


If you need any other info as to where it might have been lost, also feel free to drop me a line.

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Dude, found yer camera! still works - hope you dont mind we've been havin' a bit of fun with the last photos on that roll.


Spent a few minutes looking - didnt see it at first. Teammate Mike had binoculars so we scanned the snow below the gulley - "hey, that rock sure is square. Hmmm..." Just sittin' there a hundred yards downslope on the snow.


I'll shoot you an email.



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