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  1. Was up there that weekend and talked to you at the parking lot. The group that you had passed and I looked around quite a bit and didn't come acrossed it. Sorry-Hope it shows up.
  2. Hey Eiger, I live in Salem, and climb pretty frequently. Have gotten away from sport climbing in recent months and have been concentrating my efforts on mountains, but am always eager to climb. Shoot me an email Jimrudy1970@yahoo.com
  3. The HH-60G helicopter and crew are not National Gaurd but rather Reservists. Many of these guys have prior active duty service and have many missions under their belt. The group from 939th are some of the best skilled rescuers both civilian and combat in the world! Just last week they plucked the deceased snowboarder of the Elliot Glacier and one of my closest friends is the individual that rescued the pilot from the shot down stealth fighter in Bosnia-So in short terms they have the skills to be performing this type of rescue. The news media often confuses the 939th rescue wing with the air ambulance company stationed in Salem. BIG DIFFERENCE! Although medically qualified to transport patients they do not have the capability to conduct difficult rescues.
  4. We came off of the summit at around 1:30 and it was some of the best glissading that I have done from the base of Crater Rock down. Probably only took us 45 mins. to descend from there.
  5. Did Leuthold on Sunday and conditions were much better than what you described on Saturday. We experienced little to no wind while on the entire route. Some ice spray came down the chute once the sun hit the upper areas but nothing of real consequence. Overall a beautiful climb, wish we either had started a little earlier or better yey moved a little quicker.
  6. Great climb guys. My partner and I were climbing Leuthold and could see you topping out as we were the next to last group coming up through the hourglass we were pelted with small ice fragments but nothing of consequence. Your route looked like it would have been an interesting climb. Talked to the couple of guys that did the Yocum upper buttress and they agreed that conditions probably could have not been better for doing all of Yocum Ridge.
  7. Planning on doing Leuthold this weekend as well. The past few day's weather could have not been better to set that route up perfectly.
  8. Hey Pete, Thanks for the Link! All the info is greatly appreciated. The answer to your question regarding the Chemeketans is yes. I have only been involved with them since I started doing Alpine 2 years ago. Most of the time the club climbs are fun but as I try to get more involved the politics of Club rules gets frustrating. A few of the folks that are accompanying me down there are club members while 2 others are climbing partners of my own. It should make for an interesting trip. -J-
  9. Planning on doing the Mexican Volcanoes this coming January 19-Feb 2 and would like to get as much logistical beta as possible. The plan is to do Nevado de Toluca, La Melinche, Izta, and Orizaba with any extra days spent in Veracruz on the beach. Would appreciate any knowledge and suggestions that anyone would have to offer (ie. Mexico City Hotels, transportation, 4x4 drivers etc.) Thanks!
  10. Where is a good place to car camp before doing Thielsen?
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