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Chumstick Snag/Tower Beta?


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It is a cool feature, but there is not a lot there and it probably isn't really worth the trip except as a lark. It is also on private property or at least the access is accross private property and although I once got permission from the owner for a visit, that was a few years ago and I think they may have liability concerns or something. I've also been told they are worried about fires, but that would probably not be a concern this week.


You'll can find the same type of climbing at Peshastin.

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It's one of the better rocks of the Swauk/chumstick Formation sandstone, but is still known as soft and a bit sandy. There's the standard route, current version of which I think includes Beckey's adjustments which is decently bolted (I've heard some people also supplement with pro) 5.7/8 zigzags up the shorter less steep aspect up obvious ramp system. Also, SW Face 5.6 A2 Aid climb no one does really. (possibly others very obscure? considering it had decent features in  sections) Slabs bellow pinnacle also have a few routes including a bolted 5.10a.  A few years ago at least there was designated parking up Spromberg Canyon for the hike.( located on private property with FS easement).    

It's mostly considered a novelty but generally categorized as  subpar along with the few hundred  other routes of the Swauk Formations compared to the area's main attraction: Leavenworth Granite.   

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