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New Orleans Is Sinking, and I Don't Wanna Swim

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hmm... ok, sorry though. should just keep my mouth shut I guess. hellno3d.gif

dude, i wasn't ragging on you - i got no problem calling shit for how it is. i've lived in the south for most of my life and that's why i left - it blows goats. actually the occasional hurricane is the coolest thing that every happens there.

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There's plenty of room in Texas, probably.



i'm w/ josh - i love a good human disaster story. next i wanna see seatac get buried in 50 feet of lahars -

It is true, there is plenty of room in Texas but, the land is (I think) mostly private and ranch land. Plus the lack of water is obvious.


If the volcanoes in our region started erupting tomorrow, I bet most of you would be scared and singing a different tune. Really now, you all be careful in what you wish for...the volcanoes will erupt again and catastropic descruction will happen. When is the billion dollar question to answer. The good thing is, I do not think our human influence on climatic change will speed up any tectonic/volcanic processes. Yet, when the big ones come again, I bet they will create bigger ones....

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The South is a stable place for the middle-class to raise families in the suburbs. Even though those states rank at the bottom of the list in terms of education, the public schools in yuppie-land are quite good. That's why I grew up there.


FL is pretty cool with beaches and the Everglades. Unfortunately the reefs in the Keys are mostly dead now.

Miami has diverse Hispanic cultures.


FL, AL, and TX get props for NASA in Cape Canaveral, Huntsville, and Houston.


GA, NC, TN, and VA have the Appalachians (Blue Ridge, Smokies, Shenandoahs).


Atlanta has GT, Emory, and CDC.

The Research Triangle has Duke and UNC Chapel Hill.


New Orleans is way cool. Jazz, Cajun, cool architecture, the craziness of Bourbon Street, amazing food (gumbo, po'boy, jambalaya, etc.)


Yes, the South isn't as exciting as New England or Cali or PNW, but that's also why it's much cheaper.


Of course there are many problems with the south -- crime rates in the poor inner cities, poverty in the rural areas, poor education / high unemployment in poor areas, suburban yuppies who preach their own agenda and are blissfully unaware of the poverty that they shut the blinds to...

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and there's that building cities in flood planes and below sea level thing.


so how about that catastrophic earthquake that's going to happen here soon? I plan on looting REI for, um, rescue gear.

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